3 weeks and three days

I cant believe I have made it this far. I hav'nt taken a gum since last Thursday, so I really think I might crack it this time.

The anger I experience in the evenings between 7-9pm is being taken care of with running...........

Thank you all for being with me on this journey, you are more of a support that any friends and family with your nonjudgemental comments and your knowledge and understanding of how hard this is!! Thank you xxxxx

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  • Well done!

    It sounds like you have a good routine going there which is essential in your quit. I like the fact that you are going out running and didnt you say in a previous thread that you were doing that with your son? So it seems that it is doing good things all round for you Keep it up!:)

    The other great thing in your favour is your age.. you are young enough for this to have a really positive effect and you will reap the benefits so its all good:)

  • Well done Gally, your sounding really positive.

  • Youre doing great Gally- well done! I found the evening craves tough as well-its great your doing the running to counteract them:)

  • Going good gally, keep it up!

    Helen x

  • Gally

    Not such an angry bird bird now eh? Well done:)

    Fi x

  • wow

    Going good gally, keep it up!

    Helen x

    How does it feel to be a at the two year mark.....do you still have cravings??

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