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Day 8 And Feeling Unbelivable!!!!!!

Hey All

Well i am on smokefree day 8 and feel unbeivable, i mean i feel helthier, livlier and feel great all around. the cravings are still there but are very slight and very managable at the moment.

i quit using Champix on day 7 of taking them and here i am now, only side affects i have had really are feeling a little bit sick when i have taken them,not sleeping much (Which to be honest is ok as my 26 week pregnant girlfriend keeps me up most of the night any way) by the way i cant wait to be a dad lol!!! and a couple of weird dreams.

Apart from them thats it! i am starting to think something most go wrong as its almost easy not to smoke!lol

i just hope it is always going to be this easy i i have done it i dont even want to smoke anymore.

I love being smoke free and would reccomend champix to anyone. or atleast to give it a try!!!

I had a really weird dream last night too. there i was sat in a park with my mate, pulled a 10 pack out of my pocket and started smoking a cig, about half way down the cig i relisesed i had quit so i stubbed it out and give the packet to my friend who smokes and said "you have these mate i dont smoke anymore" then woke up and at first i was so angry that i had one, but then relised it was a dream and that even in my dreams i dont want to smoke. this forum is amazing....

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Well done

Well done mate on making it into your second week... I also dream about smoking cigarettes i was also mad with myself.Dreams are very strange sometimes



too right they are, this was so real to the point i had to sit up and see if i had the taste of it in my mouth! it was weird, prob because of the campix!!!!!!!!!


Its a pretty common withdrawel symptom be you on champix or ct or patches. Smoking dreams and just downright weird dreams seem to occur all over this forum in the first few weeks! Well done on day 8, you sound truly positive!


Hi Tomyp :D

So glad you feel really good on day 8 well done you

Sleeping badly and weird or smoking dreams are fairly common for us quitters but don't last for long OK

Also pleased you're finding it fairly easy, I also quit with the help of champix and didn't have much trouble with it


Marg xxxxxxxx


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