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No Smoking Day
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...its official

Just popping in for a quick update, 6 weeks and 1 day later and officially the longest I've ever been quit, the previous longest attempt being 5.5 weeks about 3 years ago.

I've not been out on the lash a good few times without giving into the voices.. which I have to admit do still crop up from time to time. Last night for example I was very temped for a few mins to go down to the shop and get some but it soon passes and over the weekend while out with some smoking friends of mine the voices were saying to me 'go on, just ask for one.. its only one..'

The danger zone for me is def around alcohol but as the normal days got easier as each day passed so too are the nights out.

Anyhoot thats me.. not been on here as much as I'd like because of work and what not but hope everyone else is doing OK.

*** EDIT: Forgot to mention, I'm treating myself to a quick trip back to the UK to see Placebo in London next month.. slightly better than spending my money on killing myself with cancer sticks me thinks..

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Hi Mike :D

Good to hear from you again and well done on 6 weeks quit

Glad that you resisted the temptation to buy some last night, you'd have been so mad with yourself if you had

I'm pleased to hear that it's getting easier for you day by day Keep it up


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hey Marg.. I would have been soooooo unhappy today if I'd have given in.

I dont think I was anywhere near going out and getting any to be honest, it was more of a idle threat I was making to myself if that makes sense.. probably not because I have no idea what I'm on about myself :D


Hi Mike

Well done.

Sympathise with the going out side of the quit.

I have done this only once and it was tough but I felt so pleased the next morning when I knew I hadnt given in, its just made me stronger.

Hope you enjoy the concert, thats one good thing about concert venues now, you cant smoke in the majority!




Hiya Mike,

You are doing great well done mate:)



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