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Day 5

Well im on day 5 now today is going ok but i do seem to be getting alot of cravings,But im hopefully not going to break because i really want to make my first target which is doing a month smoke free.

I seem to be getting a pain on the right side of my chest...feels like a stitch but its not because i had it yesterday as well....Strange.Though nothing to worry about im sure.

How is everyone?


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Hi Lee,

Those cravings will come to tempt you, but stay strong and you will see them off - they only last a few minutes each. And they do get less over time.

Day 5 is great, soon be a week done. Keep strong and you'll get there.:D



Hey Lee,

Well done on getting to day 5....nearly a week!

I second what Deke says, stay strong and you will see the cravings off, try to occupy yourself with something else when you do feel a crave.

Keep up the good work!

Lottie -x-


Ace, well done on getting to day 5. If the pain in your chest continues much longer, consult a doctor or nurse. Better safe than sorry. Keep going and smiling!


keep going ace! Doing fine, ride the crave. Yes if chest pains continue get it checked out though!!


well done ace 5 and still clean :) i hope i can say the same when its my turn :)


Hi Lee :D

Well done you day 5 and nearly through the first and worst week of your quit

The craves will come and go but don't last for long at a time OK

As for the odd pains you're getting sorry but it's part and parcel of the quit as your body tries to heal which it will I promise it just takes a bit of time to recover from the abuse you've been giving it Hang in there you're doing great


Marg xxxxxxx


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