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My day 2

My day 1 was ok despite having an argument in the morning and having a couple of drags from a cigarette.Then realising i was not not enjoying it and smoking for the wrong reasons so i put it out.

After beating myself up about it i desided i would not count it as a failure.

Then later i watched royal family with a couple of beers and did not smoke.

Day 2

This morning i feel a little bit on edge and have desided to use my nicotine patchs. But still undecided which NRT is best for me. Any ideas which is best?

How is everyone?


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Hi lee

Hi Lee

And welcome to the Forum.... I am a Cold Turkey fan and think the best all way route is a straight forward BREAK AT THE NECK withdrawal which lasts for about 3 days at its most intense. NRT draws it all out in my opinion and whilst it keeps the nicotine going into the blood stream... you are not nicotine free !!!

I recommend you have a read of Billys library of posts which he has consolidated and you will be able to find them under todays post . If you do find that you cannot face up to the quit without NRT send BibleBlack a message apparently he has a good system for anyone wanting to go down the NRT route without drawing it out too long and without nearly killing yourself by over dosing on NICOTINE !!!

Please feel free to join THE APRIL SHOWER group we will offer you help advice and support on this journey from HELL TO HEALTH.





Hi Lee :D

Glad to see you're on day 2 now

I'm afraid I know very little about patches except that they didn't work for me when I used them years ago, but lots on here do and I'm sure someone will be along to advice you


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi, I am not sure you need to nrt if you are already halfway through a ct quit anyway, its only a day and half and you are done anyway! However, if you feel you need to do that whilst you work on the mental side then I only used patches so can't advise on any others.

Keep going!



Think ill maybe stay on the inhaler for awhile as the patchs make me feel a little sick.Then soon go CT



Hi Ace am on patches but had some weird dreams first 3 weeks, now working my way off them, but I have found they have helped me...... So do whatever u feel helps you...... Drinking water and carrying sugar free mints also helps me...... Put on 8 pounds eating rubbish first month but hey rather do that then smoke..... I can afford the weight gain anyway just about.....ha ha :D


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