No Smoking Day
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Not even tempted!

I had a lovely day out with hubby into the Cotswolds yesterday. I haven't thought about smoking for ages even though hubby still smokes. Even when we are together in the car and he is smoking I don't feel the need to smoke.

But - on the way home, hubby ran out of ciggies. He was smoking his last one when he saw a newsagents so pulled up outside and passed me his ciggie to hold while he went into the shop!

I knew that if I had a puff, no-one would know - except me!:rolleyes:

The strange thing was, I REALLY didn't want to have a puff, the thought of it made me feel sick.

I never thought, back in January that I would ever feel like this.

So to anyone who is still wondering if you ever get past the 'tempted' feeling, you will do - just stick at it. And celebrate these little hurdles and moments when you know you have really made progress!

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Hi Nicki :D

Well done you not even tempted when left holding Hubbies baby

Glad you had a nice day out in the Cotswolds that's very near where I live


Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx


Wow !!!! Wellllllll Dooooonnnnneeeee :)


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