Day 7- Going for a meal and drinks tonight, hope I am not tempted :-/

Hey Everyone,

This is day 7 for me, these last couple of days have pretty much flown in! My cravings where the worst after dinner until bedtime and for the first couple of nights the only way I knew how to cope was to cry non-stop. Anyway last night after dinner I didn't cry, not one tear passed my cheeks and my hubby seemed to think I was back to my old self :D What a compliment!!

For this whole week I have stayed in the house and avoided smoking situations, apart from work. Tonight it is my baby sisters 18th Birthday and I am going out for a meal and a few drinks to celebrate, I am worried becasue my brother and daddy and sisters boyfirend smoke and it will be the first time I am out with smokers.

Suppose when I get through it, it will be another milestone for me, just worried incase I have a weak moment.

Anyway, have a great day everyone!


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  • I went through this on my 2nd and 3rd day Jill and to be honest it was a lot easier than i thought.

    The drinking seemed to relax me and took the craving edge off (which surprised me).

    I deliberately went outside when others went to smoke and stood by the ashtray. The smell of others smoking and the burning butts in the ashtray put me off as they stunk and it only re-inforced my resolve not to smoke.

    So try not to worry and enjoy the evening.......... you get through it and i bet tomorrow morning you'll have a big smile on your face because you fought and won :D

  • Jill, last year when I had quit I worried about going out for a drinkk. My husband smokes so there is always temptation. What happened was that I was relieved not to have to go out in the cold and I really noticed the foul smell when he came back each time after a cigarette. If you are drinking, have some water as well and remind yourself that you can stay inside and enjoy the conversation and how lovely the food tastes, instead of going outside to poison yourself.

    I hope you have a lovely evening.:)

  • Thanks guys!

    I know I will do it, I have came this far and wont let a couple of hours throw me back to day 1.

    I doubt I would have the strength just yet to stand with people while they where smoking so I think I will try and remain inside with the hubby and the rest of the family. I havent told anyone yet that I have quit, apart from my husband, I hope everyone asking me about it doesn't piss me off becasue I do still get a wee bit emotional talking about it!


  • Thanks guys!

    I hope everyone asking me about it doesn't piss me off becasue I do still get a wee bit emotional talking about it!


    Don't get emotional Jill.........get PROUD........ all the other smokers will be jealous of your achievement no matter what they say.

  • I am so proud Pete but sometimes when I talk about it I realise that I am never going to smoke again and for a minute I get upset about it, like I am looking a friend, how sad! ( I am an uber emotional being anyway)

    Maybe I will wear a sign aroud my neck saying "please avoid the topic of smoking" lol


  • Just remember it ain't no friend Jill.

    It's a deceitful devil that tempts you with sweet feelings so as you fall under it's spell......... and when you do all it really wants to do is kill you! :mad:

    I'm not an over religious person but i'm trying different scenarios to fight the battle and at the moment i'm in the "Devil trying to tempt Jesus in the desert" scenario using NicoDemons to temp me.......... and no way is the devil winning!!!! :D

  • Don't allow yourself to have a 'weak moment'. You ahve gone this far and are doing great, with time it does get easier and yes initially being around othwer smokers is a bit weird because you know longer do it yousrelf but this is an opportunity to remain quit or go back to smoking, now ask yourself "do i want to smoke?" if the answer is honestly NO then go out tonight have a great time and be really proud of yourself to have quit, it is a MASSIVE achievement, you have done it for yourself, don't throw it away because it's a party and other people are smoking!! Stay positive it will make you stronger. Early into my quit i was around people who smoked - it did my head in lol, i wished they wouldn't but i didn't let it aaffect my quit, i didn't want to fail. I wish you all the luck and keep a positive asttitude, look forwards and TRUST it will get easier but it's nights like tonight that will give you the strength, honour the challenge and come home smiling. :):D

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