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Back again !


I managed 3 weeks and then started again. I made the fatal mistake of having a crap day on holiday and rewarding myself with a couple of cigarettes and planning to stop the next day, which has taken me a week to stop!

I feel tired and dizzy and pissed off with myself, and quite shocked how quickly the cigarettes took away the natural high I was on from quitting, and to make it even harder I am going to a music festival next weekend with friends that smoke and I will be drinking, but I am determined that I am going to stop today.

Day 1 and hopefully this time I won't succumb to "just one".

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As your title says Dave at least you are back again mate, well done ;)


Hi David

Welcome back and well done on taking the decision in not to give up with your quit.

You know where you went wrong last time and will hopefully learn from that :)

Good Luck




Stick at it

Hi David, U will do it this time, u have the experience now to get past the craves & triggers. Good luck Kaz :)


Welcome back on the wagon David!! You'll be fine this time, you know what to expect, you know what to avoid!! Good on you for choosing to start over hun.


Hi David:)

Welcome back I'm sorry you slipped back after 3 weeks, but hopefully you've learnt from it especially how fast they take hold again

I can imagine how angry you are with yourself just now

You'll just have to be extra careful next weekend at the music festival with your smoker freinds and a word of advice watch how much you drink OK


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


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