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Smoking Again

Hey guys.

I'm sorry to say I've started smoking again. :(

Unfortunately, things in my life have been affecting me much more than I realised (I'm now almost certain I have an anxiety disorder) and I took it up again to offer some release. I think for me to be able to fully handle giving up I need to be able to devote my full time and attention on it and I'm just not there right now.

I know exactly where to come when I'm ready to do it again though.

Good luck to all of you. And thanks for the support. :)

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Hey Tyler,

You take care of yourself and I'll be here to support you on your next quit.




Hi Tyler

I can completely relate as a long time sufferer of Anxiety and Panic disorders. In the end I had to jump in feet first. Nicotine withdrawal will make you kore anxious which on top of anxiety makes for an interesting ride. However, it does then dive the other side ... I've never been so calm even though I've a few remaining health issues that are bothering me.


Hey Tyler - no quit is ever wasted - there is always something to learn from it that you will use the next time. Come back to us when you feel ready to try again. And good luck in the meantime.


sorry you lost your quit

i to have suffered depression and anxiety and at the start of my quit it was a big problem but as i camje out the other side of my quit i have been very calm my mood that dipped from normal to depression in a few hours have levelled to a stable line with no dips

i believe the cigarettes caused nearly all of my anxiety/depression issues stay strong on your next quit fight through the tough times and then you will reap the rewards


Hi Tyler

I remember some of your other posts and you really have had it tough!

Don't beat yourself up about smoking again - it takes most people a few attempts.

I hope you get things sorted out, and good luck for when you are ready to try again.



Hi Tyler,

Sorry to hear you have taken up smoking again. I know how disappointed you must feel but I agree you have to be ready and if now isn't the right time for you then so be it. This is my 3rd serious quit and so far going well but I know that it could only take something to happen for me to reach for the cigs again and I would be back to square one so no one can be complacent.

You take care and hope to see you soon

Lingy :)


Tyler ,

sorry to hear you lost your quit, come back as soon as your ready :)


hi tyler,

sorry to hear that, one thing i want to say though is check out to see if you are caffeiene intollerant - nicotine works to take caffeine out of the system, so for some people quitting smoking can lead to caffeine (from tea or coffee or chocolate) overload, which can increase anxiety..

good luck with the next step of your journey,



Fair play to you for trying. Don't be discouraged and come back to it when you're ready.

Take care



Thanks Guys

Thanks everyone, your support means a lot.

I'll definately be back soon. Just got a few things to work on but I'm getting there.

Again, good luck to everyone else. :)


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