Such a fool

Hi All

Really sorry to report i am back on day 1. Had a night mare of a weekend my drinking son been on a right bender the weekend dont under stand him hes been told if he drinks he will die no if or buts. Murders here yesterday My fault really had a go at him (wasting my time and should know better) he started shouting back my youngest son went mad with him. but anyway not seen him since lunch time yesterday result back on day 1. My partner is also on day 1 this should help or not HEHE. Off to work now hope your not all fedup with me I am trying just need to try harder Love Linda xxxx

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  • Aw sorry hun x x x x

    That damn son of yours!! Grrrrr he's a royal pain in the Arse :mad:

    He has an illness, hopefully he will come through it before too long, it is out of your hands though :o

    Nobodies fed up with you, you loon :p

    I think it is great that your here on Day 1 with Mr Linda!!

    I hope that will encourage you both Loads x x x x x

    Love and hugs

    ~Buffy x x

  • Sorry to hear about the weekend, and sorry to hear about being back to day 1 for both of you. At least you are back to day 1 and not putting it off for a week or 2.

    At least you can support each other on both counts.

  • Thanks Buff Must keep on track cant keep going to day 1 HEHE.I know about son thats why I lost it with him yesterday I do go to a support group but it all went out the window yesterday its hard when he was so ill not to shout But it just pushes them more to drink. Linda xxx

  • Aw hun, so sorry to hear about your lousy weekend. It shows your strength of character though, not giving up on giving up!! Well done you - not fed up with you at all.

  • Yes I know, glad you have a support group too x x x x

    You need to look out for yourself in all this, very hard not to lose your rag from time to time, it may not help him much but I am sure that you said things that you wanted him to hear. How ever hard. Hope you feel a bit better for it x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • Linda... Its rough with the family troubles and when you care about someone who is being self destructive it hurts. It is really hard to seperate smoking from coping with these things. I have great respect that you continue to make the effort with your smoking and your son rather than give up.

  • Hey poor you, I think your wonderful for getting straight back to giving up. I so hope things get easier for you xx

  • Aww Linda just sending triple dose of hugs your way hun. So sorry you have to suffer this much, it's really not anything you have power on unfortunately. I wish you all the best, we're here for you anytime you need.

  • Children

    Oh what were we thinking! LOL You just wish you could go back to that sweet innocent little baby face looking up at you. Unfortunately they grow up and we are left picking up the pieces. I hope things get better for U!! i know it's not easy I am surrounded by alchoholics on both sides and things can get ugly. Don't worry about day 1 at least U are pulling yourself together & trying again:cool: Hang in there & remember we are all here 4 u no matter what day u are on! Big hugs!

  • Hey Linda

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Glad you're still here though and Mr Linda too!

    Take care of yourself sweets.

  • hey linda, Im so sorry about your son it must be so hard on you, and dont worry about the blip coz u must be under a tremendous amount of stress and heartache for your son.

    Im soo glad youre carrying on with the quit , your a strong lady linda and you will come through this! what a trooper!!

    Hope u are feeling better this morning.

    charlene xxx:o

  • Hi Linda

    Long time no speak.

    Hope things get better for you.

    I am starting day 1 today again for the billionth time.

    Barb x

  • Cant beleive all the lovely posts i have had got tears in my eyes thank you all so much. Not to bad today day two Mr Lindas a bit touchy thought he was going to cave last night but he went to bed before 9 and didnt wake till 630. Seen son last night his girlfriend phoned to see if he was still allowed to my other sons house for guy fawks and that he was sorry. Then just as he was leaving asked would i take him to see the counnseller (cant spell) I am not working only the school job today so said i would take him. Just hope it helps. Well must go love linda xxxxxxxxx

  • I Barb & charlene

    Come on girls we been here before just wish i had the fight i had then feel so weak sometimes but one day at a time. Just 4 today i will try my best not to smoke Linda xxxxx

  • I will try with you Linda.I have been trying for a few days but end up having a couple of puffs. And thats with a patch on.

    Got to be strong today.

    Barb x

  • "dont under stand him hes been told if he drinks he will die no if or buts"

    This will sound really harsh and I'm sorry but you know if you continue to smoke You will die so what did you do when things got rough? I know how horrible that sounds but last time I relapsed was when my brother in law was killed and I was horrified to find that there was a dark corner of my brain that was glad of the tragedy as it was a "legitimate" excuse to smoke.

    Smoking did not bring him back, or make my sister feel better and it will not stop your son from drinking.

    A woman takes her son to Ghandi and says "Can you tell my son not to eat sugar"

    Ghandi says "bring him back in three weeks"

    She does and Ghandi says "Don't eat sugar, it is bad for you"

    The woman asks "why did you wait three weeks?"

    Ghandi replies "Three weeks ago, I was still eating sugar".

    Good luck Linda. Be strong.

  • Know what you mean but we should know if we get passed the first few days it starts to get better last week i done from monday to saterday now back to the start how mad is that for a women 50 years old HEHE we both should say we will give it one more bloody good shot we must want it or we would not keep trying Linda xxxxxx

  • Barb and Linda!!

    You got each other now x x x x

    You can do this guys x been here before,

    Keep posting and please stay strong x x

    Glad your sons back eating humble pie :D

    Hope the counselor helps x x x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • I Barb & charlene

    Come on girls we been here before just wish i had the fight i had then feel so weak sometimes but one day at a time. Just 4 today i will try my best not to smoke Linda xxxxx

    hi linda, ur absolutely right, just do ur best and take it one day at a time!

    I know how hard it is, and ive had a blip but Im just gonna keep ploughing on.

    Giving up smoking sounds like my old school reports, "could do better" hehehe.

    Hope ur feeling better and good luck for u and ur son at the counsellors!!

  • Of that I have no doubt boudee!! hehehehehe:p

  • um, how can I put this?:p

    ur a ruddy chatterbox lassy!! lol :p

    But we loves ya, coz ur such a fantastic pal, who knows how to make us smile when we're feelin blue! :D

    charlene xx

  • Feeling ok today few craves but nothing to bad. Son phoned to make sure time of appointment and it 2moro 1130 so let you know how it went. Of to work soon. Speak later Linda xxxxx

  • See u soon Linda, be thinking of u hun! :)

  • Best of luck Linda x x

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