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My first real test

I am halfway into day four and today was my 1st real test. I had to go back to work. I did not have and easy time of it. Most of my co-workers smoke and from the moment I walked in the door I knew I was in for a long day. I did not cave in though. I survived and am now at home getting ready for a good supper.

My headache is still there and as most other people have said I am having some sleep problems, but I still feel proud that I have made it this far.

I refuse to give in.

I also wanted to add that someone asked if I was from the US. I am. This is the first forum I came upon and eagerly signed up. I wish to thank all the UK brethren here for their kind words and support. I do appreciate it.

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Brilliant Jtee !!!!

Good positive thoughts there.....

You did well in getting through your little challenges today.

Enjoy your supper:D


Thats billiant jtee, hope you get a good night sleep. You should be well proud :)


Hi JTee :D

You're already 1/2 way through the first and worst week and it will start to get a little easier for you

Well done for surviving your first day back at work with your co-workers smoking

Your headache and the disturbed slepp will pass fairly quickly and you'll soon find more benefits which helps as well


Marg xxxxxxxx


irish sriber also dude

ur routine'll come back dude and wen it does u'll ha kicked the weed 2-double bonus!

benefits all round-gud luck and gud thoughts fro ireland-stay clean n live longer!:)


Well done for making it through the day..... must have been tough but you persisted... keep it up.... fellow US person here, those Brits don't seem to mind.... they have been quite nice actually :D


Good going Jtee!!

You did great at work , must have been a bit strange but day by day it'll become normal to you. Just give yourself a chance!!

Keep strong;)


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