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Day one nearly over

Hi all

Just a quick post, as I am so tired today its unbelievable. Havnt been sleeping well since the quit and then with my episode on Saturday that made things even if anyones still waiting for a reply please bear with me :)

Im getting really confused as well with how the postings work on here, but i think im just tired and not thinking straight.

Anyway thats nearly the first day out of the way... just had one massive craving ... my mind said go to the shop, but a packet, dont tell them on the forum and just stop tmr.... hmmmmm !!! I told it to DO ONE !!!

Hope TRENDY, MARK AND HOPEFUL are staying strong. As well as everyone else on here who is on the road from hell to health.


My throat is killing me

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Good on ya EBT !!!!

Just keep on telling them to do one !!:D


Well done EBTgirl

Hope you get a good nights sleep you sound so tired. Biggest hugs to you.

We are ok we just had another big crave in sequence me first followed by Mark he is ranting at his comp at the moment bless him.


Hi E B T Girl :D

Sorry you just had a massive crave but you beat it off and that's great Hope you get a good nights sleep and your throat feels better towmorrow


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hi Mel:D

Sorry you both had another big crave just hang in there OK

Tell Mark to rant as much as he likes but no smoking OK


Marg xxxxxxxxx


I'm proud of you. Hope you have a good sleep tonight and your throat improves soon



Hang in there girlie.... maybe you should get some over the counter sleep aid? I totally had a hard time functioning as well as I slept horrid the first couple of weeks... but it all went back to normal.... so hang in there and go day by day!! XOXOXOX


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