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Day 12 nearly over with!


Havent posted for a few days... still here, still not smoking!

Been fine the last few days, hardly thought about smoking, still keeping myself busy.

Today has been stressful, had a crappy day at work where just about everything has gone wrong! A few times my sub conscious has screamed at me to have a fag....

Tough day today but got through it:D

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well done..................tough days dont get better with a fag!! any non smoker will tell you that!! you are one now!! :D

ha ha ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

you quitting then??!!!! found another interest??!! :eek:


Is this desperate advertising or what.... posting that shit on a non-smoking website!

Get a life you frikkin idiot.... go waste someone elses time!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I suspect he's still smoking, thats why he needs the stuff!;)


go gav i wouldnt want to mess with you lol. like it straight to the point. us non smokers aint to be messed with eh, weve all got one idiot banned from the forum for spam lol remeber that guys lol.

too right!

Got rid of him though :mad:

He caught me on a bad day ;)

The post has been removed so god knows what people will think we're on about.... erectile disfunction!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

bet he was a hardened smoker anyway, ooh err!:p

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