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Time to quit the nico gum?

I have a worry. The more I read and understand about the process of quitting, the more I am beginning to wonder if I'm doing the right thing by using NRT GUM.

Surley I'm feeding the :eek:'s. Does using the gum drag it out and make this process longer than it needs to be?

I'm finding this soooooooooooo tiring and it has been because I'm tired of this constant battle in my head that I have had slips in the past.

Here's my thinking on this. If I could be really brave and go CT then I could kill the nico:eek: demons quicker and this dreadful tiredness will stop.

Any thoughts on this would be very welcome 'cos I'm feeling very confused about what's the best thing to do.


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I used patches and then decided one day that I didnt want to use them .....

I think once you can overcome the urge to have a cigarette, then its time to reduce the NRT.....

It worked for me....

I know that it takes a few days to get the nicotine out of your system, but the way I looked at it was ... I can cope without a cig... just got to cope with the withdrawl

Do what YOU feel comfy with and be strong.....


Whatever suits u best...

Hi Hopeful, we are all different, but I have quit on patches in the past, and come off them without cutting down and failed... This time I am following the whole programme and coming off them gradually.....

I just feel more assured I suppose, but dont always remember to put on, or lose them in the gym and havent noticed till later, but dont want to tempt fate. So will carry on as its working for me.

Hope this makes sense??:p Kaz


I'm feeling scared of stopping the gum incase it's like the first 3/4 days again. Is it?


Yeah know what u mean, thats why its best not to stop suddenly and to stop gradually I think??:cool:


Hi Hopeful :D

I don't know much about the Gum I'm afraid

Why not PM Bible Black he knows a lot about NRT Ok


Marg xxxxxxxxx


thanks marg I'll do that


Good Advice

Cheers Jim, have looked at this before, but my smoking nurse said not to cut them up and just go down the strengths... But your right, I didnt have one on yesterday and didnt even notice. Today just got back from gym and one I put on earlier has fell off.....:p


Hopeful, check the PM I've sent you.

Karenutd, try this link - it's worked for several people on here, and will get you off the NRT quicker than the patch companies would like (so saving you money) - they only say 12 weeks to get as much cash out of you as they can ..

Hope that helps,


Thanks loads for that it makes sense. I've cut down to the 2mg and didn't notice and difference. I'll give it a go anyway. Can't wait to be free of this nicotine rubbish.



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