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Nice Doctor

Had my app at the doctors to see the quit nurse the other day, i told her on my last vist that my dad had been taken into hospital, the first thing she asked was "how is your father doing", i explained that he passed away a few hours after my last visit and that i have had the hardest 2 weeks of my life.

she said "i really understand you smoking again during this time" i said "Nope not ONE" she was so shocked and amazed explaing how some people cave in under the slightest amount of stress.

She went and told my Doctor, who then came in the room and shook my hand sending condolences and congratulating me on staying smoke free! that was nice. :D

Obviously easter has not been the same for us this year, but hope you have all had a good weekend.

Take Care.

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All I can say is I really admire you X


Hi B B Fags :D

What nice people you Dr and Nurse sound


Marg xxxxxxxx



Well done, that must have been hard for u, I use to go back to smoking after daft things, like a bad day in work, arguments etc. You are a true star, and sorry to hear your sad news.. Really proud of you.

Heres to staying QUIT......:p


That must have been a lovely feeling. I think there are many who would have cracked. It kind of puts stuff into perspective. Really proud of you for doing so well whilst dealing with your fathers death. xxx


Fantastic..... REALLY well done ...brought a lump to my throat reading it.

Condolences to you and your family.

P.S Thanks for posting, this just shows that even when your world is falling apart, with the right attitude you can beat this !!!


Hi, just read through your posts and you are fantastic, i totally believe that if you have got through this sad time and not smoked you are and will stay a non smoker!

Its good to hear that the doctor came in to speak to you and the nurse although expecting you to say you had smoked and was shocked, both praised you and was sympathetic to your loss.

God bless and take care



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