No more teens for me!!

DAY 20 whooooop whoooooop :D No more Teens for me!!

Had a bit of a " Aggravating " day yesterday. The night before, i'd had one of THOSE dreams again, and for some reason I couldn't get smoking out of my head yesterday after waking up!! Now don't be alarmed, it was NO WAY as bad as it used to be.... just fleeting moments, but hey... I CAN HANDLE THEM!!

Went out for a meal and a drink with Family and friends last night. The nights out REALLY REALLY have no effect on me what so ever any more. And the drink/cig association seems to have well and truly passed.

Feeling my normal Non smoking self today!! Gonna celebrate the nice weather with a BBQ and drinks for family and friends in the back garden today!! so fingers crossed it will stay nice!

Well done to everyone else!! you're all amazing ;) and thank you to everyone for your continued support throughout my quit!! you make it soooo much easier!! Well done to my fellow MMQ buddies!! :-)) Luv ya all x

Have a great day everyone!! you deserve it ;)

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  • Well Done on getting to day 20 Slinky!

    Glad the drink/cig association has passed, I'm still abit scared about drinking any tea/coffee/alcohol body must be getting one hell of a detox! haha

    Keeping fingers crossed that weather stays nice for you and have a lovely bbq!

    Lottie -x-

  • Hi Lottie

    Entering week 3 that's great well done you

    Hope it stays nice for your BBQ


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Go for it....

    Hi Slinky, U will be getting close to a month now, what a fantastic feeling. Keep up the good work, I still have the dreams, gosh there weird.... I think its the patches with me, but gonna go through the whole programme cos its working for me:p Kaz x

  • Ur Not in ur Teens ... never ;);)

    Well done !!!! ...Another milestone crashed through

    40 days will be a doddle.... its only aniother 20 days away ... and you can do 20 day blocks :cool::D

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