No Smoking Day
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I'm back!!

And I am on DAY 13!! I don't feel like smoking but I m so edgy!! Wow, scared everbody at work, fighting with everyone, and I don't even know I am mad untill something happens and then... I snap! And I sleep about 3-4 hours per night! I am sick sometimes... dizzy, and so tired! Or so happy and hyper! And hungr! It may be even harder than week 1! Oh well! Hope it will be better soon! At least I know I am not gonna smoke even though I've been in some situations lately when normaly I would chain smoke!

Thanks for everything guys!

Good luck!

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Hi Enough :D

13 days eh soon you'll be in week 3 that's great

All the things you mention are I'm afraid part of quitting but they don't last long and are a sign that you're beginning to heal Just hang on in there


Marg xxxxxxx


Man.... 13 days is soooo good..... keep going and everything will slowly fall back in to place very, very soon..... within the next ten days all 'physical' triggers should dissipate and you will feel so much better..... then it is all in the mind and the more positive you can stay the easier!! Very good job, Enough!!! :D:D


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