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Day 7 one week almost done! Help!


Hi,everyone, well day 7 is coming to an end and as i look back over the week and try to make sense of it i feel sort of odd!

Ive had good days that i seem to cope ok with the cravings, and then ive had days that ive thought about smoking for the whole time and battled with myself as to why i should carry on.

on the whole it has not been as hard as ive thought but its a battle.

im on patches and lozengers and have been worried that im replacing cigs with these, but im also glad to be off the cigs, should i be worried about coming off the patches/lozengers and will i rearly feel the full effects of withdrawal then?

im also using this forum and all the links on it i must spend more time at this pc than doing anything else, i know lots of others are keeping busy to cope with the withdrawal but i find getting on here and reading helps me loads,

when will i feel like i can survive a day without constantly reminding myself ive give up and convincing myself its the right thing and not wishing for a cig.

i hope i dont sound too negative but those are my thoughts for the moment, but maybe im just cracking up now after 7 days.


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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well trading one nicotine delivery method for another is always a concern, but the stats are 19 out of 20 NRT users don't remain dependent on NRT.

However, you will need to come off it in the end. To be frank the physical withdrawal from nicotine is no where near as difficult as the psychological association with smoking, which you need to be getting straight while using the NRT.

When you come off the NRT you will feel a bit weird for a couple of weeks but that is it and if you have the right mental attitude you will be fine.

Lozenges and education were my method!

Hey- 7 whole days without a cigarette!

Fantastic x

Don't worry about coming off the nrt. One thing at a time.

Hi Tracy,

1 week,GREAT.

Re the NRT,I agree with Bluedog,concentrate on one thing at a time.

thanks, think i needed to hear that right now,

i not stopped reading all day trying to keep myself positive and gt rid of those negative thoughts of just having one or maybe now aint the right time, i know everyone of them are excuses but they seem to be load today and i dont want to hear them any more, so thanks, maybe your right one step at a time and worry about coming off nrt later, so thanks again

Hi Tracy :D

1 whole week is great you are doing fine and are through the first and the worst week, things will start to get better now I promise and the good days will outweigh the bad Don't worry about coming off the NRT at the moment We all have to remind ourselves that we've quit at the beginning but this will pass So glad you are making use of the forum, I know I wouldn't have got this far without it Just hang in there Tracy take each battle as it comes and you will win the war



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