help?!or is that kelp?

i'm on day 3-hooray!hooray!hooray!

i'm tired-i'm cranky-i get stressed out at the drop of a hat-i stare vacantly off into the distance-i'v no money-i think i'm goin mad-

but i dont care cause i'm amazed that i'v got this far-my body feels cleaner and i know that all th above symptoms will dissolve and all that'll b left will b the smoke free me that i cant wait 4-

i pledge again to myself and all and sundry that i'm stayin off em even if it kills me lol

hang in ther everyone-encourage, support and will success all round-i'm proof ther's hope for every hopeless case-we can do it wi the right help-or is that kelp?

it matters not so long as u believe-good cheer to all-i'v a whole day 3 to live for and sing my way to day number 4!

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  • Congratulation, John!! 3 days are excellent and it is 3 days that you don't want to repeat.... keep pushing through..... I felt just like you did.... honest.... it doesn't seem like things will ever be normal again but it is actually not even that far away. So good going you, keep up the positive..... determined attitude ;) You really are NOT the only one who feels this way! It gets easier.... just believe that! Good luck!

  • Well Done

    :cool:Hi John, You have done the hardest few days, from now on its gets a little easier everyday..... Just need to beat my addiction of Haribos now ha ha:)

  • day 3 woo hoo

    It gets easier... you will feel it in your breathing etc...and that feeling will make you want to keep going ....oh and look in your wallet your fifteen quid better off ..... go out and buy something ....anything.... just do it because YOU CAN !!

  • Hi John :D

    You're on day 3 1/2 way through the first and worst week, you're tired,cranky, stressed, no money and think you're going mad all that doesn't matter you're a non smoker and that's what matters well done you

    Just hang on in there you can do this and I promise it does will easier for you very soon


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi John,

    Well done on getting to day 3! Thats brilliant, keep up all the good work as you will feel so chuffed with yourself!:D

    Lottie -x-

  • cyber pals wer braid!

    yous are all 22 gud cyber pals-cheers cheers and three of the same!i'm still gloriously fighting my way thro day 3 and i'm slaying demons here there and everywwer!

    tgis forum's defintly workn 4 me cause every one i know smokes-half r alcoholics!last week a guy i know calld-he was killin himself wi drink and we sorta chat about life-i used to do that 2-the dementd brain of nicoaddict-"he's tryen to stop killen himself wi drink so it ok 4 me to hav a smoke wi him and understand his ways"-i can come up wi th biggest loada bollox so i can hav a smoknot no more-

    thanks for all ur help-yuns r stuck wi me 4 a while-

  • Hi John :D

    You sound really upbeat on day 3 well done and slaying Demons here, there and everywhere that's what I like to hear well done

    Most of my freinds are smokers as well and when they come to mine they have to go outside to smoke and take an ashtray as I'm not having their buts littering my garden and they have to wash up the ashtray before they go home


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

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