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And now the cravings start!!!!


Well everything had been going really well - into my third week of being smoke free and no major problems. Then BAM major cravings have started. I've dreamt of smoking for the last two nights and in the dreams I'm really enjoying my fag :mad: Plus I feel like I could smoke and almost want to - I know it's only my demon (who I like to call Nev) but it's been soooooooooo hard for the past couple of days.

It's just a pain in the butt when you feel you're doing OK and then everything seems to go a bit pear shaped :( Anyway minor rant over and hope everyone else is doing OK.



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Hey there, Pookie..... well done so far with your quit! Many folks talk about the terrible three's in their quits.... since you're in the midst of it, maybe you will find these links helpful terrible three's, more terrible three's. Most importantly though hang in there.... it gets easier, you can do it, and you'll be so very glad you gave them up..... just give it time!


terrible threes do seem to exist. thankfully terrible fours are rarer so just hold the thought that this tough point will pass. It really will. Once you are thought to the other side you will be stronger, more determined and a hell of a proud of yourself. It's not easy this quitting malarky but my god it's worth it! keep going Pookie you are doing really well. Keep praising yourself, treating yourself with that money, exercisng if you can and write down those motivators.

You're doing great :D

Jen x


Threes argh I hit them without a crave crossing my lips but they vanished at about 4 weeks and 3 days (check my threads I nearly caved but didnt and here I am at 4 months and loving it) its not easy to quit and you knew that before you started but it is so worth it I promise so hold tight to all the reasons you chose to take this mamouth task on and I promise you will not regret it.

Keep reading and not just the good bits read the scary bits as well on some of the links, enough to keep you smoke free I promise xx


Hang in there!!

The smoke dreams are horrendously confusing! I had 2 at the start of my quit (days 3/4) and 2 quite recently and I really thought I was smoking!!! Was so upset with myself that I had caved in, but just enjoyed my fag and said ok well its nto the end of the world, can carry on with my quit.

Then BAM. Woke up in my bed so happy that I hadn't smoked.

What a mindf***!



Pookie , know exactly what you're feeling, i was the same in week three, and agree with alex - i too dreamt that i smoked and was really upset with myself, so happy when i woke up and it wasnt true!!

Hang in there, it passes.....




I am also just on week 3 and am having more cravings now than at the start!

I am also very tired even though i have slept better for the last couple of nights ! Not understanding that :confused:


Thanks for all the replies.

Much better day today - had my carbon monoxide done this morning and as daft as it seems seeing that green light on 1 made me feel better :)

Spent the rest of the day pottering in the garden with my new hobby - growing veggies :eek: Definately helped take my mind off the cravings though :)

Minimad - know what you mean about the sleep - I've been sleeping really well (a little too well) but am still tired. Thought it was the champix but guess it must be part of the quit.

It's day 20 tomorrow and am chuffed to bits with myself for getting there.

Hope everyone else is doing OK.




Must be nice to get out in the garden in this weather, i am sewing and houseworking to take my mind away! I had a good long time tonight without thinking about cigs which is really good for me, these forums are great too ,its good to know other people are going through the same and how they manage

Think of all that lovely fresh veg you will have too :)


well done pookie 20 days is just fab...& so you should feel proud ,..hope uve treated yourself to something nice:) ..i love the idea of giving smoke demon a name ...Thinking what i can call mine now :D Idea for a thread coming on xxx

i agree with the bad 3 times. ....however i just felt bad when my mood was lol xxx take care.. A whole month will pass before you know it & then you will begin to loose count :)


Mini I'll be happy with one tomato :o back to work tomorrow and I'm on a late shift for the rest of the week so their little lives will be in my OH's hands :eek: My little patch may look like a massacre by Friday :(


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