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Good Morning Day 5 Quitters

Hi all,

What a lovely day. Blue skies, birds singing, oohh and my cat chasing the birds, hhmmmm.:eek:

Well, today am gonna make mince and tatties for the dinner, go get a shower and get my ass out for a two hour walk. Last year at this time I was training for the Edinburgh MOONWALK, (a 26 1/4 mile walk round edinburgh at midnight, in yer bra for breast cancer charity) On the night there were 10thousand women and 2 thousand men walking in their decorated bras.

I was training for 3 months and got to walking 3 times a week for 5 hours at a time. Oh boy was I sore, but I did it for my mate who was just finished her treatment, and what a sense of achievement when we passed the finish line at 7.30 in the morning. I raised £650.:)

I just wonder how much easier it would be now that I have quit smoking???

Hhmmmm...........I've still got time to register for this years Moonwalk.

Am off to check the WalktheWalk website. See you all later, have a good day.

Love J. x

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Well done J!

We're day 5ers!!

Hey well done raising that money ;) *pictures 10,000 Scottish women parading through Edinburgh in their bras* lovely mental image, sorry, but I am a bloke lol. The moonwalk will be soooo much easier now you don't smoke, J.

Keep up the good work J!

Love P.


Hi J & P,

Well done on getting to day 5! I'm still stalking haha:D

J - It really would be alot easier to do the Moonwalk as a non smoker and its for such a good cause. Let us know if you do decide to take part:D and also are we all invited round for dinner? as that just made my mouth water, can't seem to stop thinking about my belly:D just let me know what time to be there!!

Keep it up both of you

Lottie -x-


Hi J :D

Day 5 that's great well done

It will be much easier for you this year

Well done raising all that money last year


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi J

Well done for getting this far. I am going to do the Edinburgh half marathon too with my sisters. Exercising is great and if there's only two things you should do in tamdem in this life it's exercise and quit smoking. Do them both in tandem and you'll really feel the benefits.

While exercise training can increase maximal oxygen uptake by up to 20%, smoking can reduce this effect by up to 10% - therefore you will only get around half of the benefits of exercise if you smoke at the same time. Quit smoking - double the benefits. However the facts are a little strange to get your head round.

A study examining the effects of smoking cessation found some fitness improvements after a week. Eleven young men who smoked about a pack a day for 3 1/2 years were subjected to several tests while on a stationary bike before quitting, and then a week later. The 2000 study, published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, showed that pulmonary functions showed no significant improvement, but oxygen concentration considerably increased, and exercise time was greatly extended.

So in other words - you might not be any faster, but you'll be able to go on for longer. For something like a marathon - this is a real bonus! You'll notice it most after 15 miles when other smokers will be far more out of breath than you are

Have fun



Hi Koloko,

Is the Edinburgh marathon coming up soon?? Thought I heard an ad on the radio the other day.........if so........GOOD LUCK to you and your sisters.

I used to jog at lunchtimes, but asthma kicked in 2 years ago and put a stop to my running. :( However, I have noticed a great difference in my breathing since quitting smoking 6 days ago....not needed my inhaler much at all. See there is SOOO much more to stopping smoking..........

Love J. x:D


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