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Good morning day 4


Been doing very well on the whole. Did have 3 or 4 craves yesterday or at least I think they were craves. Tea time seems to be when they occur but I got thru them and they was not dire, I think the patch helps there. I have a very difficult day in front of me today but I am ready for it. I have a very difficult year ahead, probably the worst kinda year one could wish for which Is why I plan on staying on the patches for as long as it takes for me to get thru it. I actually love being a non smoker and am rather chuffed with myself xx

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Not mad Karri just good dreamers xx

Hi Gerti and well done :)

Well how lovely now you closer to your first week, and doing so very well, just keep putting one foot in front of the other, your doing great , hope you have a little treat planned for the end of the week.

Thank you to everyone

Mr Clooney is now my desktop xx

...And picture George just a little way ahead of you, beckoning you on with a 'come hither' look on his face....:)

Well done Gerti!

Day 4 was a tough one for me, not sure if it was 1 very very long crave or just emotional stuff making me anxious and feeling short tempered with even the birds in the sky !!! I have spent all afternoon at the hospital with my mum who has just been diagnosed with advanced cancer. Mum lives with us and it has been a hard few weeks. Today we were given some good news in that they are prepared to try and manage it with treatment and it was the best we could have hoped for. The hospital staff are all fab people and the NHS have come up super trumps for us over the past 5 weeks. By 3pm I felt soooo agitated and chewed my lip for a couple of hours and not quite sure whether not taking my walk today or whether I think I can cope 100% of the time but maybe I am flawed, just don't know. Feel a tad easier this evening as dinner is done and have just plonked my feet up for a while. My patch hasn't stuck that well today so I used some tape to hold it down but one side is flapping a little so maybe I wasn't getting quite enough from it, who knows but still positive and did not once feel the NEED for a fag, No debates in my head as I just nip it in the bud by saying (to myself) ''we have had this conversation and its finished'', or I say ''we will discuss this later'' and it does work for me. I think its triggers maybe xx

Thank you

The way I see it is that I felt the same awful irritation a few weeks back when the doctors first broke the news to mum and me and at that time I was still a smoker. Its normal to feel uptight, its not normal to not feel out of sorts when shocking news is given. As smokers I think we use fags as an escaping crutch and for me I think I used it to avoid feelings. But not any more.

Thanks for the tips Tea

Into day 5 and determined we shall have a fabulous day x


Sorry to read you are also going thru this, big hugs xxx

Blimey, Geri, you really do deserve all the positive vibes we can collectively send in your direction (not to mention a good seeing-to from George :)).

So sorry you (and your mum of course) are going through such a difficult time. If I can provide you with any benefit-related advice (I work in Welfare Rights and have done for over 20 years) please do drop me a PM and I would be glad to assist...

In the meantime, please accept a big hug from me.

Thank you all so much, your are all a great bunch and its so uplifting coming on in the evening and reading thru my own and other peoples posts.

Thank you also to Skiddaw, very kind of you.

Mum is doing very well today and its all good here at the moment.

Reading thru some posts on tips ect and I came across one that said that a crave is not exactly a crave but it is in fact a feeling and this really struck a chord with me. The person also said to examine the feeling when it comes over you and to analyse how it makes you feel. I find this is very useful info and instead of trying to distract myself I am analysing my craves/feelings and its such a good tactic rather than trying to escape and run away (which I usually do) . I will continue to use patches over the coming months for however long I feel I need them as I am sure they take the edge off, but hopefully I will have this new tactic off to a fine art for the time when I come off patches for good.

Hugs to everyone xx

Day 6 today. Been a funny old day where I cant stop eating sweets, bacon sarnies, bananas and drinking tea or water. I have also started sighing quite noticeably. I have also slowed down a little and everything I do seems to take a little longer !! weird. Just cooking some fish for us all and have walked 2 miles almost every day which I am sure is helping. I am looking forward to Christmas and also spending what I save on my newest hobby which is sewing. xx

Thanks girls

That bacon was just soooo nice x

Thanks girls

Always thinking about George Tea, who in their right mind wouldn't lol

Day 7 people and all in all feeling fairly relaxed about it xx

Thanks everyone. Karri I stupidly missed it !!

Had a strange day 7 overall and felt more craves than other days, weird. Got chores done and read as much as I could absorb online.

Feel very flat and looking forward to getting today over with. The one thing I will say is that I so want this and I so don't want to be a smoker ever ever again. I really do mean that and I realise that these days will pass. It really is like a love affair that has no future and so one needs strength to break well away. Roll on next week xx

Well done Gerti on completing your first week.

Thank you xx

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