No Smoking Day
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Gooood morning Day 5!!

How's everybody today?! Beautiful day here and I am embrasing Day 5! I am ready for this one!:) I hope I will keep having the strenght and wisdom to not go back before... Day 1!

Had a good night sleep, after yesterday I felt the smell of nicotine coming out of my pores and the water retention made my face look like a pumpkin! I am sick, caughing and runny nose, I understand it's one of the quiting smoking "beauty"! Oh well, I am just clearing my body right?

I work in a bar, I've been there untill 2 am, felt good though by the end of the night but when I started I just felt like quiting... my job this time or killing somebody! Angry!!:mad: I didn't have the craves, only thought about cigarettes, weird (packing my bag: wallet, keys, napkins, cigarettes... oh, wait! I am not smoking!!):) but great! I know it won't always be that easy but as I said I hope I can keep it up!

Anyway, so far I love not smoking! Awake for 1 hour and didn't smoke today!

Good luck to you all!

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Well done and welcome to day 5. Thats fab work only two days away from one week. You sound very positive well done.xxxx


Hi Enough :D

5 days already great almost through the first and worst week soon things will start to get easier for you well done




Good for you Enough! :) 5 days is excellent and you just keep going so you don't ever have to do those first 5 days again! :):)


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