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Now on patches

I am back but this time with patches.

Last time I stopped I felt so ill, with headaches, feeling down and tired as I was waking up every 2 hours. I guess having smoked for 30 odd years it's never going to be easy but hopefully the patches will help me avoid these symptoms.

I am a little worried as I don't seem to have the same commitment this time or rather, am not quite as excited about stopping, but perhaps that's not a bad thing because I won't loose the excitement either - if that makes any sense?

Anyway, I am picking up daughter from Uni for Easter on Wednesday which may help motivate me as I know she will be pleased that I have stopped, and have a dental appointment in a couple of weeks so will get my teeth cleaned and don't want to cover them in brown gunk again.

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Hi Candowilldo :)

Welcome back it doesn't matter how you stop only that you do and I understand exactly what you mean about the excitement

Am sure having your daughter home will also help, but those feelings you had before are normal early in your quit and don't last long

Best Wishes




but those feelings you had before are normal early in your quit and don't last long

They may not last long I had them for four or five days and they were getting worse, not better and the tiredness made them very hard to deal with.

So far, touch wood, I am finding that I am having minimal cravings with the patch, I did, however, have a really dizzy feeling a couple of hours ago, does anyone know if that's normal with patches?


Hi Candowilldo,

Good for you to give another go - make this the one that counts.

Can't comment on the dizzy spell relating to patches as I've not used them, but I'm sure others with experience will let you know their thoughts. Can tell you that I had a couple of little dizzy spells myself, or as others have described as "feeling a bit spaced out". Seems to me most likely to be something to do with increased levels of oxygen hitting the brain. I guess like most things, as long as it's only a small amount then ok, but if it worries you or it's a regular thing, then maybe best to get it checked out.

keep going strong. All the best



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