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Hi Peeps

Here is a returning old member here, although not started cessation just yet, it will be Monday. I will not be posting very often, although Monday evening hopefully I can, am unable to use computer at work to talk to you all.

Its going to be Mr & Mrs Pupalup quitting, this is our second time round, the first time 2 years ago and a couple of feeble attempts since then. The first time was for 3 months and like idiots we started again.

I look forward to chatting to you at some time in the next few days/weeks/months and possibly years (let's hope).

To all my old friends, although I don't think there are many of you on here now when I last did it, hi and talk soon.

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx

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I am a newbie but welcome back to this forum! Look forward to seeing your posts Monday!


Hi Mr & Mrs Pupalup :)

Welcome back and best wishes for your Monday quit day shall look forward to hearing from you

Good Luck



Hi Pupalup,

Looking forward to seeing how you and your OH get on when Monday comes.



I'm a newbie here but welcome back!

good luck and congratulations :)

I love being a non smoker


I'm a newbie here but welcome back

congratulations and good luck hope to be seeing your posts come monday and letting us know how your getting on



Hiya You Two

Good to see you back on here and look forward to hearing from you next week. Support each other. David


Hi Babes

Lovely to have you back hun. Well done to you both for giving it another shot Make this the one hun. Good luck to you both for monday we are all here for you.xxxxxxxxx


Hi Linda :D

Where have you been silly question cuddling that new baby I bet, haven't seen you for ages




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