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I am back yet again and as you have probably guessed I went back to smoking as I felt really depressed.

I am currently going through the process of buying a new house so the stress levels are pretty high but I want to do this so badly I can not give up giving up.

I need to find a way to manage my cravings and not just giving in to them.

I hope you are all well and have continued to follow your posts.




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Thank you Max,

I want this so badly, I dont want to move to my new house being a smoker, I dont want to see another holiday, Christmas or Birthday being a smoker.

I want this.


Will you?

Be my mentor Max?


...keep trying and one of these quits will stick x


You can make sure that 'one of these quits' is this quit with the right mental approach. Never forget that success is not down to some chance roll of the dice, it's down to you.

Own your quit, embrace your quit, treasure your quit - after all, no-one else will:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Once the right mindset is there then the need to run back to smoking when you hit stress or a rough patch in your life simply evaporates. By quitting smoking, you are depriving yourself of nothing - invest a few weeks of discomfort in a future so much brighter you won't believe it until you experience it.


Mel, just wanted to wish you not luck exactly, but that combination of will power and good fortune that transforms a quit into THE quit. I believe in you and know you can do it, and so (I think) do you. And anyway, Max is your mentor now so if you don't do it he'll get you, :D

Go girl, and please accept some cheers from me to start you on the road. :)


I am doing well

Thank you Max, I feel that with your help I can do this.

I am feeling tired so after a healthy meal I am in bed ready to read my book and get a good nights sleep.



Hey Mel :) As Egg says, it's your advice is enjoy it for what it is, the road to can do this :)


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