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Day 23

Hi everyone!

Well i've reached day 23 but i am a very superstitious person and don't like the number 23 :rolleyes:

Yesterday was really hard for me, today i've had a few cravings also. I started a new job on Monday and there's quite a few smokers who started with me, which I think has made it a bit more difficult. Break times and lunch hour at work were when I used to have a cigarette and oh how I looked forward to it. I've also been feeling really emotional, moreso then usual.

Just wondering if anyone thinks it's possible for the effect of patches to wear off after you've been using them for a while?

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Hi Lea :D

23 days is great well done you

Sorry you feel emotional but lots of us do and some of this could be the stress of starting a new job as well always a stressful time anyway

I din't know if it's possible for the effects of patches to wear off I'm afraid Bible Black is the bloke to ask about patches why not PM him if he's offline but expect he'll be around later anyway




Hi Lea.

Well done & Congrats on reaching day 23.:D

30 days for myself and I had alot of emotional days but thank god everything is settling down and getting back to normal (except there are no dirty death stick hanging out of my mouth)

I only used the patches (21mg) for 9 days then I went cold turkey, so I am not sure if the patches wear off. Maybe you are just used to them now.

Keep it up and stay positive ;)




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