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No Smoking Day
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really bad day and want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!

hi guys me again still not had a fag since the 1st of march but today has to be the worst day ever my children were at nursery and then the childminders but got them back at 4 oclock an downhill i want to cry

the 4 month old wouldnt settle and the 4 yr old wants constant attention

im suffering terribly with no sleep lately was up 8 times last night and then kids got up early today ive not had any nicotine since i stopped my inhalator and stopped the champix because they were making me very sick after taking them im sitting using my inhalator but with no insert how daft am i ???????

aarrrgggghhhhhhhi just want to scream today and sleep for a week

help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


but at least i havent caved in lol

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Hi auralie,

You haven't caved and you're doing so well. That shows how strong you are. I'm finding it difficult at the moment and I don't even have any children! Try taking deep breaths and get an early night if possible, you should feel better by the morning after some rest and relaxation.

If worse comes to worse maybe you could see your doctor about forms of NRT. But honestly you've come so far, be proud and stay strong! :)


Hi Laura

Sorry you've had a bad day and not sleeping Have you tried Nytol or Kalms for this they help you get back into a sleep pattern, are non addictive and herbal, you can by them over the counter I have used both over the years and found they really helped me also if you want to scream do it, as you say you haven't caved and that has to br good keep on fighting those demons



Hi Lea

Sorry you are also finding it diffucult at the moment but just hang in there both of you and keep fighting, in the end you will both be free





I don't know.... might be wrong BUT sounds like a bout of pms..... you were also using the inhalator as well though..... so it may take a bit longer for you since you still have nicotine in the system.... hang in there.... glass of wine has been my saving grace.... hang in there it gets a lot easier but sadly it didn't fix my pms..... :D


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