Im getting there

Morning all

Well so pleased to say I have been quit for 4 whole months. 23/11/08 to 23/3/09 Cant say i feel like ive beat it but do feel a lot better than this stage in my last two quits. I feel the time is going faster and I dont only think Of Fags and Jamie (my alcoholic son) Like the last quits. So thank you all for your support.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Onward to month 5 move over Marg/Tony Im coming in.HAHA.xxxxxx

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  • Well done Linda.

    This time, you will do it. I know you have been here before but your attitude is great. You know that the stumbles of the past have not helped and you have learned from them.

    Carry on as you are and you will be along to the penthouse and beyond.



  • Thanks Nick

    Your right as always I do know all the times Ive caved it have not made one thing easyer to deal with and now when I face some thing I try to remember. I tell myself it will not help and i know i will be back in a week or so at day one again.xxxxx

  • Hi Linda :D

    4 months is wonderful well done

    OK Tony & I have moved over a bit for you OUCH just how much room do you want anyway HA HA




  • Well done spicey Linda- 4 months!!!! you've cracked it girl xxxx

  • Woooooooooooot!!!

    Congratulations hun, so very proud of you, 4 months is a fantastic achievement.




  • :D Congratuations :D

    To infinity and beyond....

  • Linda,

    Well done on 4 months, that's great:D:D




  • Thank you all

    just a quick post cos think my new baby girl may be coming home from the baby unit 2day. See you all later. Just had phone call as we speak yes yes yes shes coming home.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Awesome, Linda.

    4 months is just great and I feel sure that with your attitude you can't lose this time!

    Great news about the baby too, delighted for you.

  • Congratulation!!!! 4 months is great!

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