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Im sooooooooooooooooo misserable !

:( God today is really hard going, worst so far.

Today has been that bad that I really could go buy a packet of cigerettes right now, how bad is that. (I havent) I know they will taste vile though because I am on Champix but i am really struggling now.

Just feeling misserable, I am also sooooooo bloated on these tablets, I feel as if I have been blown up like a balloon, that is so getting me down too.


day 3, 57 hours without a cigerette


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Hi Linda

Just popped along and saw your post. Day 3 wow thats great hun and on the Champix too. You know you can do this, your stronger than Mr Nic so tell him to Sos off cos hes not wanted. It will get easier, i know thats easy for me to say but in all honesty it does and within your strength you will be rewarded. Keep on going and you can get through.

I thought i would say that i too quit on Champix, i dont remember the bloated tummy but hey its a while ago now. I dont know if this helps you too but when i quit i took up a hobby, mine was knitting and i knitted about 15-20 scarves in the first few weeks but it helped and got me through, maybe taking up a hobby or changing a routine somwhow will help you too.

When you feel like you really need a cig please rant at us, together we can support each other and get through this.

Good luck as i know you can do this. Take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time. :)


Hi I am on day 3 too and I really understand and empathise with your cravings. I am on Champix too and luckily the only problem I have is with awful nightmares every night. I keep dreaming I'm having blazing fights with members of my family and it's really distressing.

What time do you take your evening pill? I was taking mine last thing before bed, but now I'm taking it when I get home in the evenings and I really think that is helping with the evening cravings.

Jo, you are so kind to be supporting us at such a difficult time even though you have been smoke free for so long! well done!



Thanks For Support

Hi There, :o

Thanks for this from you both, it does really help when you get support from others.

I did not buy a packet of cigerettes today, I was so close but I have to stay focussed and remember the reasons why I wanted to stop in the first place.

Champix has definately helped me I just know it has, and I also know that even if I did have a cigerette it would be yuk because of the tablets so I keep that in mind too.

I am refusing to pay £6.35+ for a packet of 20 cigerettes.

I have been having really vivid dreams, mine have been quite nice though lol but find it harder to waken up, I am in a really deep sleep.

I take my evening pill at 7pm and the morning one I take at 7am. They do take away the cravings most of the time, day 3 was the hardest so far.

Really appreciate the support and definately need reminders as well of why we are putting ourselves through this. Can you believe a wee stick can have so much power over us.

I was out at the shops today and for the first time I was walking past people who were smoking in the street and doorways and I thought I wont be doing that anymore, how good is that. I did smell it though as I passed, I suppose it took 25 years to get me like this it wont take me 5 minutes to stop thinking about it.



Keep me posted at how your getting on.


Good morning and welcome to Day 4. :)

You have both achieved a lot even at this earlyish stage. The champix are good but take this advice, i only took mine with food and also to minimize sleep disruptions i had my afternoon one at about 4.30 so that i could sleep better at night and by doing that it helped and it helped a lot.

I try and come along and help when i can, its not always possible to do so as i am only just over the 5 months in my quit but if i can help at all i will try my hardest. We all know that we can do it but you have to be a solid place i think when you start your quit and for me i felt different this time as my quit was for me and no one else, unlike past attempts where you try and do it for others but then you go back onto them, well i did anyhow.

Good luck to both of you, stay strong and focused, read, read then read somemore, post as much as you like and ask questions. If you feel an urge coming tell us, we can help you, there is always someone on here to guide you through.

Take care and have a great smokefree weekend, you can do this. :)


Hey there. You are doing SO WELL!!!!. The first few days are really tough and you should be congratulating yourself for riding it out.

You have to keep strong and think positively about the future. It won't happen overnight but I can put my hand on my heart and PROMISE you it will get better. And it is really like freedom from slavery - the end result is worth every minute of those first few days and weeks.

Hang tough, and keep posting here, this place was a life saver for me and many others. You can do it!

Helen xxxx


You did it! Well done you. By facing your fear and pushing through you will find it easier to face if those feelings come around again.


OMG please tell me this wont last


New to the site, found it looking for anything that relates to stoping smoking. I have been on Champix since last Thursday so this is Day 8 and Day 3 of no smoking. The last 2 days have been a breeze but today, I woke up in a terrible mood, screamed and shouted at the kids for basically nothing - thank goodness my hubby is away otherside he would have got it also! Then ended up in floods of tears and very nearly went and bought a packet of cigs on my way to work.

I didnt buy any and Im pleased with myself for not giving in so easily but today I feel awful!:confused:

On the plus side - I dont seem to be having side effects, Im taking tablets with breakfast and evening meal and have not felt any nausea and I never remember my dreams so have no clue of they are vivid or not!

I did also decide to change my diet (not diet) and watch what I eat in the hope that I wont pile on the pounds and have also had a couple of sessions in the gym!!!

I just hope I can get through today - have my follow up at the quit clinic tomorrow so hopefully my puff test should have improved and that will be my incentive to carry on ;)


Hi. Sorry missed this! How had the rest of the day been? Have you felt any better? With young ones to I'd highly recommend you factor in some time for yourself be it a big bath or book or coffee with mates. You do lose that escape pod when you quit and its good to peace it with something just for you . Well done on quitting and welcome to the forum .!


its nearly over.....

Thanks Fionacox

Has today got any better? - now Im home and the kids have been fed and watered and I have managed to go to the kiosk in the supermarket for my lottery and not buy those damn cigs I am feeling a bit better. I think you have a point about time for me (I have forgotten what that is!) so its a nice long bubble bath with a glass of vino for me later:eek:

I just needed a rant earlier and Im feeling much more positive and less tearful!:D

Onwards and upwards


Jmorg - I missed this as it was a reply not a post of its own. I'm so glad you're feeling better.

It's a rollercoaster, this first part. You just have to cling hard to the thought that however bad it is, it will get easier. If you cave, you're back to square one. Stuck in the rut of smoking, paying a fortune to feel miserable, and with the withdrawal all to face again. It's just not worth it.

Keep your eyes on the prize, keep going, one day at a time, and gradually it gets smoother and easier.

So hang in there, be strong. It's worth it.

Hope you enjoyed your bath!



Hi There

My worst day was day 3, I was so misserable as well and I also nearly bought a packet of ciggies but I never, we are doing so well and we should be dead pleased. I didnt think I would get by the first 20 mins so the more I am doing the better I am feeling about it.

The champix are definately doing something thats for sure, they have also put me off vodka though (bummer) I had two vodka's and redbull last night and I went onto tea it just was not the same at all. So maybe that is a good thing.

Just stay focussed and keep going, there is a reason we are putting ourselves through this and that is because we have decided to be NON SMOKERS so we just need to remember our reasons why we got here.



I didnt think I would get by the first 20 mins so the more I am doing the better I am feeling about it.

That was me, and countless others on here too. Yes it is tough but you're doing great. Give it time, it does get better.

I went off lager when I first gave up, but I persevered and I can now drink it like a fish :D Well not anymore actually, cos I started a diet on thurs, and now haven't had a drink for a week :eek:


Stay with it !

There are times when I feel I could actually kill for a fag. And I have no suggestions as to how one deals with such feelings.

But hang on in there. Such strong cravings will pass.

An then the cravings come back even stronger !

And then they subside again.

An then there will be hours when you really don't miss smoking.

That's how it's going to be for a while........

You don't know the rest of us - other than through this forum.....

But we can all make it - with the support of complete strangers.....


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