No Smoking Day
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Day 22 - One Month! Im coming to get you!!

Well as I enter day 22 I am filled with the knowledge that I may still kill someone from the mood swings, but at least I don't smoke eh!!

Seriously though.....

I have put myself down to 1 Champix a day ( im not sure if im doing the right thing or not).

I did try to cut them out completely not taking any for the last few days but my mood has decreased quite rapidly so I guess they have been doing something so I am going to start taking them again today, Only one not two.

Im not sure if im meant to do this and my wife had a rant at me yesterday saying its a 13 week course and you should have spoken to the nurse first....Maybe I should have but IMHO she isn't taking them she has never taken them so as far as im concerned its my decision/mistake to make. The morning one left me feeling quite sick and dizzy so if I take one at lunch im that's what im gonna do....Any opinion?

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Can't help on the Champix quesion Lloyd, but just wanted to pass on my huge congratulations on you parking Month One. That is a really fantastic achievement even if you do want to kill someone! :D

May your Month Two be a much calmer one....:)


Ahh im sure I wont kill anyone.....

Ok so not sure but........

Nah Ill be fine :cool:


good work on your 22 days, you are in the third week so completely "normal" to feel like you could kill someone :D

Your first month and new room is sooo close now, keep it going x


Don't worry about killing anyone as long as you don't smoke ;). Seriously I am surprised anyone is still talking to me after this week! Hang in there! Tomorrow is another day and if not tomorrow then the day after.....keep thinking no-one could give up if it was this bad ALL the time so you may ride the wave with me until we are back on dry land soon! (hopefully with friendships still intact :D)


Just stopped by , hope tomorrow is a better day for you:)


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