No Smoking Day

day 1 and i blew it

was having an ok day , and managed to hold out till teatime ( due to personal problems ) i completely lost it , made a big coffee and sat and smoked 5 cigs one straight after the other, so sorry to everyone, feel utterly useless now :mad:why !!!! did i give in i keep repeating to my self the problems i have make no difference to wether i smoke so is it the nicotine withdrawel making me reach for the cigs at the end of the day its not taking the problems away by smoking just adding to them .... sorry to all for going on abit . day 1 again tomorr . just got to say to my self if smoking is good why ? is it making me feel so bad. well done to everyone who is nearly through day 1 or any day of not giving in to the fags.... lots love n stuff

ali xxxx hope this all makes sense if not i apoligise:rolleyes:

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Sorry to hear that Alison.

Try, try and try again! Read trough the whyquit website and have a go at the FFSonline or quitsmoking online "course" and bounce back.

You are not useless, we have most of us failed to quit numerous times in the past but there has to be one that sticks make it the next attempt.

Best of luck



Hi Alison :)

Sorry you slipped but don't beat yourself up about it, many of us on here have had lots of failed quits,put it behind you and carry on with your quit




Hi Alison,

Don't feel bad about not making it this time.

Try again,you know what you are up against now.


Hi Alison, you haven't blown it 1 can start again tomorrow or when you feel ready...but, make it asap!

I expect most of us have had a failed day 1.. I know I have :o

Good luck for day 1 :D


Hi Alison, please dont look at today as failing, each time we try (and i have tried a few times) we learn more and it takes us in the right direction to reach our successful quit!

Keep positive and posting on here, everyone is fantastic and will offer you loads of support and great links to read and read and read!

You can do it!



hi Alison...sorry to hear u had cr*p day made cra**ier by the demon nicotine...but never quit quitting!! No matter how many attempts it takes to get there you will get there if you want to - and it sounds to me like you really want to:D:D Don't beat yourself up, its not easy but its worth it...

good luck...



hiya Alison.... I have failed so many times the first 24 hours..... each time determined and shocked to give in so quickly but each time I got more determined.... sometimes I took years before attempting a quit again BUT you are ready the next day to give it another go and for that good going!! You can do this but be prepared next time around..... don't do day 1 anymore often that you have to.... once is plenty most of us will agree.... good luck you!!!


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