No Smoking Day

life ain't fair!!!

Hey guys,

I've been on a bit of a downer today - don't worry, I haven't smoked, but I just need u guys coz my friend Lynn who is 34 found out she had breast cancer back in 2007 and with chemo this seem to go away but it came back in 2008 and had spread to her lungs. She went to the doc today and it turns out that the cancer has spread to her liver and bones and is very aggressive - shw's prob got a month, 2 tops to live and I just need a friend.

Somone raise my spirits, I need a laugh.

Help appreciated.

Philip x

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so sorry to hear the news about your friend, dont really know what to say but thought I would send you a big hug. x

makes you realise how precious life is and we should treasure every moment



cheers moog and BB, nice to know I've got everyone behind me. BB took ur advice and I'm laughing - thanks.



Hi phillip, what sad news about your friend, its at times like this that you think life just isnt fair, i lost my dad two years ago to cancer and its a bad time for anyone who is close to the person, its really hard knowing what to say to make someone feel better but i used to find that just knowing someone was there to listen no matter what they said was such a great support.

you are doing fantastic at staying quit and should be well proud of yourself, sometimes people find that getting incolved in charity fund raising helps at times like this, i am going to do the womens race for life to raise money for charity this june and nver done anything like that before and thats why i chose to quit i made a promise to my dad and this year the race is on fathers day so i think its kind of fate to spur me on and i know hes with me and supporting me and that gives me strength,.

Not much to make you laugh but im sure plenty of others on here will put a smile on your face,

take care and well done for staying quit!!!



Hi Phil

No life aint in the least fair I wish I could make it go away but I can't do that but what I can and will do is be your friend as will all of us on here and we'll be here whenever you need us for whatever reason

As Jim says try the for you Shabba there are some good jokes on there

My thoughts are with you and Lynn

I am sending a really Big Hug just for you




thankis guys, really. why wud i even comtemplate smoking when iv got such great friends on here - ur all amazing :D:D


Philip, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. You sound like a good friend to her and that you'll be there for her. All of us will in turn be there for you.


Hi phillip

i have lost a very close friend 2 days ago to lung cancer-very aggressive form which took his life very quickly, it is a lesson to us all-we have choices, and i choose life-by not smoking.

It is a horrendous time for me and his family, but talking to people and laughing at their attempts of jokes!!!! has lifted my spirits no end, strength be with you xxxx


Hi Phil, really sorry to hear about your friend, dont really know what to say xxx


Hi Phil, so sorry to hear your news, life sucks sometimes dont it. I too have heard the same news today about a very good friend of mine, who was given the all clear 6 months ago, but is now back in hospital with the big c back in lungs, bones and liver and he is 42. But the best tribute we can give them is to keep off the fags, keep the faith and keep smiling.

My thoughts are with you and your friend, and everyone else whose lives are daily hit by this dreaded disease.

love to all x


Life is not fair! I lost a friend and we had the funeral Monday to cancer. It was agressive. Cancer is terrible and to think we put ourselves more at risk by smoking!

Stay strong for your friend. We are here for you...You be there for is also good when we know love and people who care. xxx


Phil, that's awful, my thoughts go out to you, her and her family.

As Debs has said the best tribute we can make to these people is to stay off the cigarettes and help others to do so to.



Sorry to hear about your friend, my thoughts are with you and her family.

I have seen so many people in the age group 35-60 succumbing to cancer in the last 18 months that you would not believe (I work in the funeral service) it seems so bloody unfair. This is one of the main reasons I stopped smoking and am staying stopped.

Keep strong




Sorry mate only just seen this post. Your in my thoughts mate.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Just seen this. Sorry to hear everyones sad news. I have a friends husband who is now at home and is no longer receiving treatment for lung/brain cancer and another reason I have quit when I have.


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