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Day 4


I'm still clean. It's been hard. It's been really hard.

Had a few glasses of wine last night and really wanted a smoke to accompany them. Then, this morning, I played golf with a good friend who smokes. When I've tried to quit previously I've usually failed when with this friend. It's obviously not his fault, I just associate being with him with smoking and always give in to temptation when with him, even when he advises against it.

Anyway, I spent all day with him and didn't smoke. I'm really proud of myself because this has been a stumbling block many times before.


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You did really well, Wes! We all have had quit many times before and started up again.... it is easy to give in sometimes.... especially early on but then one day you get to that one quit that lasts. It takes a little while to become accustomed to being a non smoker but you will get to the point where it again becomes natural and that day will be worth all the difficult days! Great job sticking with your quit and resisting when hanging out with your friend! Keep going!! :)

Hi Wes :D

Day 4 already that's great well done and yes it can be very hard but I have a feeling you will win this fight you have got past 2 triggers now one with the wine and the other with your golfing freind and you didn't smoke that's wonderful and you have every right to be proud of yourself keep it up



Hi, wes a big well done on beating them cravings when with a friend thats smoking, one of the hardst times and you did it!!!!! Be well proud of yourself and you will only get stronger!


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