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Day 4!!!!

Hi everyone, its day 4 for me today and i have found today to be the best up to now, ive still had cravings and strong ones too but somehow havent got myself into a state like the last few days, but im frightnd to think that im over the worst in case out of the blue a bad day bites me on the bum and takes me by suprise, so im going to be very aware that maybe i can have a good day but wont be too naive to think that bad days dont exist!

feeling stronger at the moment and well done to all the other quitters on here, we can do it!

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well done Tracey

you are managing your craves well-and they do get weaker -a distant memory which can easily be shaken off xx


Well done Tracey! I'm glad it's getting easier!! I'm back on day one after having a few puffs a couple of times on Friday.

I won't be tempted again though...It didn't stop any craving just made me feel bad & realise even more why I want to stop!!

GOOD LUCK for tomorrow! hope it goes just as well!.:)


Thanks for the reply ytene, and although you are back on day i dont beat yourself up ive been there lots of times before, i have found that there is a link page that lots of people on here recommen, it is called stop smoking naturally and ive been reading up on all the points that seem to be relevant for me and it has helped me so much over the last few days, ive read through the sections and anything that really strikes a chord with me thn ive wrote it down and keep reading it and saying it to myself, how sad am i! but it is working for me, just thought i might share my own experience with you, hope you dont mind.



Hi Tracy :D

That's great well done over half way through the first and worst week of your quit, it will soon start to get much easier for you and yes you will have good and bad days but there are a lot more good ones than bad I promise




Well done Tracey.. Your attitude sounds about right you will have this cracked in no time.

As for having cravings . I have a few friends that dont smoke at all and never have . Even they admit that they fancy a fag at times so its not just us quitters.

And ytene. A few puffs isnt giving in Dont go back to day 1. If you really enjoyed the quick puff and wanted to do more then fair enough but all you did was reinforce the fact you dont want to smoke..



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