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No Smoking Day
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Anxiety- great start to week two!

My anxiety is thru the roof today, well, this afternoon at least. I feel neither inclined nor tempted to smoke because of it, but still totally totally pee’d off at it.

I’ve suffered with panic and anxiety before and I knew it may well rear it’s ugly head when I gave up smoking- in fact I would have given up sooner had it not been for worry about kicking this all back off again. I know really, that anxiety doesn’t hurt me, but it still feels awful. I also know every hint and tip under the sun to deal with it- but I don’t want to have to deal with it again, I don’t want it to spiral into panic attacks and not being able to go out, I don’t want to end up back on medication, or unable to get round a supermarket without my husband – I don’t want to have to summon the energy it takes to battle with it again- I’d rather have last weeks raging headaches and wanting to kill people back.

I know at the end of the day I will just get on and deal with- but god I don’t want to- I also don’t want to be feeling quite as sorry for myself as I am right now. OK, moan over, sorry.

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Moan away that is one of the main reasons we are here, to listen. Don't know if there is any advice I can give you seem to know all there is to know about dealing with this.

Just want to let you know that you can come here and post as often as you like and you will always get support, and look how well you have done WEEK TWO that is fantastic, you should be feeling very proud.

Sending you a big hug and I hope that helps if only a little bit.


Ohhh i know what you mean Pols, i've suffered anxiety since someone smacked into my car 15+ years back. Ever since then i've had these 'episodes' which although i have under control i don't like one bit, and since quitting smoking, i've noticed they have increased somewhat, but i've kept my focus on my quit. The anxiety for me is an added uncomfortable factor, but i am gaining a positive in that i am breaking an addiction which started at the same point that the crash .. and the anxiety episodes began. (crazy isn't it that to calm my nerves down while in 'shock' that some kind soul offered me cigarettes.. and since then i'd been hooked on 20 a day peaking at 40 a day.

So for me at least its nice to get rid of the addiction, but i sure hope the anxiety would subside also. (it can be like a very very very long craving in a way, and makes me feel very on edge)

Keep focused on your quit though, and try not to let worry creep in.

I'll be 7 months quit this thursday though Pols, so trust me when i say quitting is possible, even with anxiety in the mix.



Hey Pols,

I too have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for a number of years and was on and off medication.

Since quitting this time though my anxiety has started to lessen.

smoking in itself increases stress and adrenaline in your system. Hopefully this is a temporary feeling you are having, perhaps go for a proper massage, treat yourself to something. Dont fear the panic coming back again, just let it wash over you, you will know as well as I do that fear it happening at all feeds it.

Chamomile tea, 4 times a day, and take St. Johns Wort if you can, lots of people in here have done that.

Hope it settles quick, Much love Mixxy xxx


Thanks all- this place is a god send, it really is. Anyway- have dusted off my various herbals teas and meds (not the valium mind- the irony of replacing 1 addiction with another would be too much!), and am accepting, that for now at least this is gonna be part of the journey- oh the joy....

At least hubby'll have a break from the battering the poor bloke got last wk if rage has been replaced with panic


Hey Pols is it 2 weeks yesssssssss. Anxiety is something I went through very badly for the first few weeks. I know it's horrible I described it as torture and I would not give in to it. It will go, it's not nice but try to fight your way through it and it will get better.

So you all know I have almost completed 10 weeks and I would like you to know that today I finally feel it might all be over. I have had no triggers, I'm starting to feel when I'm at work I just don't smoke anymore and don't need to. It could be the beginning of the end.

I'm sure this will happen to you soon, please to the big G that it does.

Jack xx :)


10 weeks, good on you...however resolute I feel about staying stopped, I still find it a bit scary to think ahead that far- how many challenges will there be between now and another 8 1/2 weeks away....

Anxiety is crippling- I have dealt with it this evening with a glass of wine- needs must, hubby working over night and I don't want the kids to see their mother mid panic attack if they wake.

Now I feel less agitated I've been giving it some more rational thinking- if I can give up smoking, which thus far it would appear I can, then I can deal with anxiety. Anxiety is (often) borne out of a feeling of being out of control- but surely, right now, I am more in control than I have been in a very very long time...the wine helps too!!!


Theres Nothing to fear but fear itself

Hi Pols had some realy bad times with Panic And Anxiety in the my life and like you I was afraid to give the cigs up and at first there was no problems and if you read my post which didnt tell all I had the most sh*tt* weeks 3/4 but they do seem to have evened out I do think that like Jack said maybe the cigs made it worse but anxiety is one of the worst but you will come through the other side logic doesnt come into it

This web site is good to read if you need it infact it lets you see how many suffer the same but we are the lucky ones as we have beaten the demon and most of them want.

if you need chat we ar here for you xx



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