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Evenings are hard!

Day 4, days are going well, evenings are hell, I know its a mindset and I need to get round it, just easier said than done.

I dont have support, once I'm home it's just me and my little ones, then there in bed, and my evening is spent fighting the urge, it's sooo up and down, until now never realised my evening's were built around cigerettes, how sad. All my adult life Ive smoked, it's always been there and now it's not. I do know deep down it's the right thing, just going through the motions. But hey, day4, I've even noticed my ability to smell has improved, either that or I'm going out of my mind and just noticing things that I dont usualy pay attention to, just in the hope of distraction. Who knows.

Day 5, dreading the evening.

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Hi Sel :D

So sorry you're finding the evenings tough but why not spend some of the time on here catching up ,reading and learning or posting

No you are not going out of your mind your sense of smell and taste come back very quickly and soon you will notice other benefite of quitting

You will soon have sone the first and hardest week and I promise things will soon begin to get easier for you

If you don't want to spend your evenings on here why not read, sew, knit or get a puzzle book anything to keep your hands and mind occupied will help

just hang in there you're doing really well




hi sel20red

yes evenings are hard-i have taken up reading again-some great books out there!!! i am on my own ALOT! and it is difficult when there is nobody to talk to, new hobbies and interest -based at home (with you having little ones) can take your mind off smoking.

the forum is here too!!!



hiya well done on your day 4...... Dont be dreading day 5 i,ve just completed mine and yes nico has been sitting on my shoulder this evening but i kept telling him to bugger off........ I usually find a nice bath and then coming to read the post on the forum helps me alot...... But i also keep telling myself i really want this so its not bothering me half as much has i know it will get better........ In the past i sat there feeling sorry for myself which also led me to fail...... So having alot of determination helps loads! I also found the following link helpful as well as the other links in members sigs. Keep it up your doing really well....:)


I try to have a routine in the evenings that replaces the time I would have had a fag, so I try to get on the forum from 9pm ish for a while and I always have popcorn instead of my pre bedtime ciggie. Its working so far! Keep up the good work x


Hi there,

I have 4 children myself and after I get them to bed I tidy up the place, do the supper dishes and put a wash on, instead of looking forward to a cigg i really look forward to coming on here and having a good read. :D

Keep up the great work

All the best to you




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