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Yet another day

Well I,ve made it. Another day under my belt and feeling good! Heading into day 6. I,ve got to admit that NICO has been sat on my shoulder since i finished work. But i wasnt going to let him win after coming this far........ Told im to bugger off everytime he whispered....... I,m stronger this time and e,s got a fight....... This forum is a godsend reading the post and whiling away the hrs....

Keep up the good work everyone.........:)

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Lilbear-look at you go!!! well done you, nearly a week already fan blooming tastic really pleased for you-great to hear your strength and determination is building-it gets easier and easier xxxx


Thankyou shabba

I believe the help of you all on the forum has helped me alot. I check threw the post regular and know i,m not alone..... And i also got that fed up with restarting that day 1 over and over again. So i,ve gone into it this time armed with plenty of info and of course the forum and i aint guna let the little bugger beat me this time..... Smoked 20 a day for 26yrs and knew enough was enough...(sorry if i ramble).......:)


Hi LilBear :D :D

Fantastic nearly a week already it will soon be so much easier for you

You're doing really well glad you gave that Nico :eek:Demon a good telling off just keep starving him and he will get the message




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