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Yet another Day 3!

Hi everyone,

Day 3 has got to be one of my personal favourites - not!:rolleyes: I am more than a little cranky today. My poor OH, not long back from work, gave my sunny demeanor the once over, rounded up most of the kids and shot off in the car, 'shopping' he said.:eek: I think what he meant was 'Anywhere else but here'! Bless him:D

I'm not enjoying my own company much either to be honest, I do hope this wears off by tomorrow.:(

Hope you're all ok.

Jenni xx

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Hi jenni :)

Sorry today is a bit tough for you but tomorrow will be better I hope being cranky is normal and day 3 tends to be hard for many of us Poor hubby but at least he took the kids off with him to give you a bit of space for a while

Maybe he'll bring you something nice back with him and you'll feell better tomorrow hun

Love and hugs

Marg xx


Thanks Marg,

I actually feel remarkably calm again now they've all gone out! Is that wrong??!:D:D

Roll on tomorrow till I stop doing an impression of that bloke out 'The Shining'. Lol!:D

Jenni xx


I am on day 3 myself, and I have to say its been awful...hoping tomorrow is a whole lot better...


I am on day 3 myself, and I have to say its been awful...hoping tomorrow is a whole lot better...

Hi lindylou,

How you feeling now love? I think it's safe to say Day 3 in general is just PANTS! I've had the anxieties all day and I can barely speak to anyone without combusting:eek:

What you got planned for this evening? I'm thinking bath, take-away and a movie:) I think we just need to tell ourselves that tomorrow WILL be better.

Jenni xx


Hi jenni :D

No it's not wrong to feel calm because they've all gone out sometimes that's all we need a little time to ourselves

Yep roll on tomorrow when you'll feel better again

Hi Lindylou :D

Sorry you've had it tough today as well hun andhope tomorrow is much better for both of you

See you both tomorrow I'll be around in the morning anyway

Love amnd Hugs

Marg xx


I had to go to the docs on my day 3 from a blood test.

There was a bit of a mix up with the appointments...nothing to loose any sleep over. But subconsciously I could feel myself getting angrier and angrier...I didnt want to be in a bad mood as I like Docs and Nurses and have loads of respect for them even when things go a bit wrong.

I couldn't help it though...I had no control over it...and when I finally got to see a nurse to take my blood...well I bet she wish she'd stayed at home that day!

I bit my tongue best I could and explained I had just stopped smoking as I was a bit embarrassed with myself. But I physically couldn't stop snapping at her, nothing nasty...just snappy! Agitated, short tempered and ANGRY!!!!

It was bizarre really!

Its only temporary sure of that!!! ;)


LOL! Thanks for that David, I feel almost normal now! Nice to know others turn in to the Incredible Hulk too:D:D

OH returned with nice bottle of chilled wine AND he's cooking the dinner tonight........maybe I should be monstrous more often:D

Jenni x


Hi Jenni

Day three over soon for you.

Can you guess where I am again?

Cant belive I do it everytime.

Lost my reserve again today and smoked.


Will post in day one again tomorrow

Going to lick my wounds

The way I look at it, If I keep trying I have to succeed eventually



Oh Bill:eek:

Where were you hiding yesterday then hmm??? I was looking for you, the 3-legged was a disaster:rolleyes:

Right, you are needing some positive vibes, I am sending you a bucketload just now. Smoking is silly. You are not a silly man. OK?!

If i can do this, you can do this. So grab my hand...we're walking THIS way!:D

Jenni :)


sending pick you up hugs and a big bunch of flowers bill, You can do this, you're right you will succeed and lets make this next quit count shall we? :p

I never thought i cud quit and if im honest when i gave up this time i thought id be smoking again within the week but iv come so far theres no way im turning back now and im only on day 8!

You can do it!!!!!!

-Jade xxx


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