No Smoking Day

I am not happy!

Hi gang,

Technically at 2pm today I begin my sixth consecutive day smoke free...

Sadly though, I was out last night to watch the football and after a few drinks, I smoked. Fortunately, after only three solitary puffs I realised what I was doing and stopped immediately. Never the less, I'm a bit pissed off with myself.

I suppose its a good thing that I felt so strongly about my 5 seconds of weakness and it was literally only 3 puffs but I'm so annoyed about it today.

Sorry, I needed to vent about it and where better than on here!


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What a shame Andy, but well done for stopping at 3 puffs.

Make those the last ever puffs, and you will be OK. I had numerous quits where I had the odd sneaky cheat here or there and eventually I ended up at square 1 again. Stopping is just that.

At the risk of sounding harsh, and I don't mean to the mind set that is needed is one of being a non smoker, someone that used to smoke but no longer does, ever. Non smokers don't need to have the odd few puffs here and there they just don't smoke.

When I quit I found the prospect of never smoking ever again quit daunting and indeed made the thought me quite anxious. Reading and understanding my addiction made it easier to get to the point where I not only know that I need never have another smoke but I am delighted to think that I will never smoke again!

Best wishes you can do it.



EEEE blooming heck-andy andy andy-what are you like!!! take as a lesson learnt and if you are in that situation again be on you guard!!!;)


Hi Andy :)

So you slipped up and had 3 puffs don't beat yourself up about it can understand you being pissed about it but you learned a valuable lesson to be wary and there is no need to apologise to us

But be careful around booze as us smokers know that booze and a fag go together like strawberries and cream If I were you I would try and avoid having more than one or two drinks and avoid altogether if you can for a few weeks just until you get your quit well and truly established and even after that be a little wary with it

All the Best



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