No Smoking Day
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I am a miserable b******

Yes one month done and don't really have any cravings any more.

But I want to start smoking again ! I don't really do I ? Can't actually afford it anyway.

God I'm such a misery

Sorry just in a bad mood :confused:

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Aw it's so horrid at times, just makes you feel sad, but the rewards will be starting to benefit you soon:)

You are doing great, hang in there it will get better very soon , I'm sure.

Keep posting to day, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a better one for you.


Thank you Lostie, Tracey, Jenny and Tractor

I am still ****** off but not going to smoke. Really silly LOL. But I am a bit mad.

Do you know what ? I have not smoked 500 cigs and saved over £200 now that is mad

Love you all x x x :D


I didn't realise that we had quit on the same day, so congrats on your whole month smoke free!

I know that feeling, you don't crave any more but you still feel like something is missing. It's not! I'm sure if we hold on another month we won't feel like this, and this is nothing to how we felt a month ago when the cravings were terrible. If you can do that you can get past this stage.

You should treat yourself to something nice as a reward with the money you have saved.



Thanks Kirstie well done to you too. I think we had our last cig 2 hours apart LOL

Yes you're right there, those awful pangs have gone and it would be so silly to start again. We are now over the worst

well done:D


Sorry it's carl that stopped 2 hours after me.

Anyway well done everyone :D:p


Kirstie is right IC it does get better. This is a very dangerous, miserable phase. I described it as being bored with quitting. You've done all the hard work battled through those huge craves and now there's the feeling of AND, SO WHAT.

You are still craving but in a more subtle way. You think you're not so you start to think smoking is OK. The very fact that you're thinking smoking is ok shows how deluded you are and still in the grip of nicotine addiction.

Smoking costs a fortune makes you smell for no return at all, oh and as an added bonus it kills you early and horribly. Smoking is not rational so therefore your thoughts are not rational. You are still an addict and your mournning the loss of your fix.

Yes it does stop but be patient and be on your gaurd for the evil one never rests. I know you have no intention of smoking IC but be careful over the next couple of weeks. You do not want to do days 1-3 again.:D



Thanks Sue for a lovely post. Everything you say is so true :)


Be very proud of what you have achieved Intercity. :)

You may have the odd bad day sometimes- we all do- but you've held on and refused to give in and that speaks volumes for your courage and determination. I think I can already see the distant lights of the Penthouse. :)


Not even 2 hours actually between our hour and a quarter :eek:

Don't undo the good you done these past 32 days....stay strong....

You don't want to go back in that Day 1 room kicking and hating yourself.


Thank you mr Skiddaw, I'm feeling better already :)


Well done Carl great minds think alike :)

I must admit health wise I'm beginning to feel much better

Thanks lots


Have read more than once than once that it can happen that people can hit a bit of a wall after the first month.

My mental approach right now to this is..."ok first month for month two" No cravings today for the tobacco at all.

We are winning...and our bodies thank us for this a little more every day.


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