Day Two

Well its 9.40 on day two, been up couple of hours now and had a slight wobble just now. My wife was asking me to do some stuff for her and i was in the middle of doing something else and i shouted and got a bit stressed. she is good as she knows its the giving up thats doing it, but at the same time by not answering back i get more stressed - how stupid is that. Anyway its not fair to take it out on her, so i went outside got in my car, drove up the road and after two minutes i was fine. now back home, wife has gone out and i feel good again. looking forward to a nice swim later on.

hope you are all getting on ok today. i definately have a little voice with me today in the back of my mind, but keep pushing him away :)

all the best !

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  • yep, mood swings and short temper is all part of the quitting/healing process!! You will probably feel the positive effect of not taking in a days worth of carbon monoxide yesterday when you go swimming!

    Well done, stay strong!


  • Hi Stevie :)

    Day 2 well done you

    As Nic Say's mood swings and being short tempered is all part of getting shot of this awful habit

    Ignore that little voice when he tries to make himself heard go do something doesn't matter what

    Just hang in there Stevie

    Best Wishes


  • just remember, you are not giving up anything. You are opening up a whole world of terrific opportunities and freedom. Keep going, you are doing great, mood swings are normal but try not to give in to the negative side. xx

  • thanks for the continued support guys. i'm feeling good today

  • Day 2, 10 past 2 and only 2 lozenges so far! A few wobbles and grumps, but nothing too out of the ordinary!

    Congratulations to everyone else on Day 2.

  • Brilliant This Time! I shall hunt you down tomorrow on day 3. I love to see all these people kicking the addiction! xx

  • Hi This Time

    You're doing really well omly two lozenges good and a few grumps and wobbles is nothing to worry about Just Hang in there

    Best Wishes


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