No Smoking Day
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Tomorrow - 1 month

This is the longest ever that I have completely quit. 1 month quit now and feeling alot better physically other than the weight gain :(

I can smell any smoker strongly in the mall and it makes me even happier knowing I don't smell like that any more. :)

Only time I crave now is moments of high stress but I keep myself busy to get my mind off of it.

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F... the weight, free3.... one whole month!!! Each day will get easier..... phew.... I feel the tough part is over but some hurdles still occasionally ?! We'll be fine, me thinks :) Hope you are thinking of a February team name!!! :D:D Great job!!


Hi Free 3 :D :D

WOW well done you 1 whole month is great Don't worry about the weight for now Drs say it wiil settle and stabilise after 6 months and you are right it's lovely not to stink of smoke so





This is the longest ever that I have completely quit/QUOTE]

Well done, soon the months start to fly by and you'll think less and less about smoking :)


Yey! how brilliant! I am most chuffed for you! So much so I will eat chocolate in celebration. We have all done brilliantly and you sound most positive! We will enjoy 6 months of being round then lets make a pact to become slimmer then!xx


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