No Smoking Day
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Today has been a bit better, ive had a be kind to Mel day, taking things slower as I have more time now as I dont keep stopping to smoke. Then I look in the mirror and want to cry, I look pale and now the spots are coming ive got this great big one next to my eyebrow which Im sure is waving at me every time I look in the mirror and now Ive got a painful area the other side of my eye brow. So Im trying not to glance in the mirror at the moment lol.

Other than that i dont feel too bad, know I will have more bad moments but after yesterday I know I can handle them.

Hope everyone else is doing ok we can do this X

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Do you know I am exactly the same....I dont usually get spots and at the moment I have one at the side of my nose and I were glasses, it hurts sooooo much. :eek:

What a lovely




Hi Mel :D

Glad you are finding today better than yesterday you are doing great well done you

I never had spots {quitzits} or otherwise guess I am just to old :p heaves a big sigh




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