No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Oooh day 4 already and feeling great. Carnt believe i,m here already. Just abit of a tickle in the throat but otherwise sleeping great and feeling cleansed. Only suffering from the odd hot sweat maybe thats my circulation returning to normal...... Alot of new members today so hope i can be of help to some of them. Just go,s to show wat you can do with a positive mind and lots of support.....:)

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well done lilbear, keep it up!!

its so nice to get up in the morning feeling clean and not smelling of stale ciggies.

have a great no smoking day xx:D


Thankyou moog ope your day go,s well to...... Its great feeling great lol x :)


Hi LilBear :D

You're doing great day 4 already well done over 1/2 a week done already so pleased you feel good as well but remember without your positive mind and lots of willpower no amount of support would help much




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