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Week 8: (and i believe,... day 50!!!!)

Well, well, it appears i'm in week 8.. another saturday night came and went,... the usual dvd film (Watched 'the international') and a bottle of Rioja with the OH, and for once.. it was a good choice of film :) Good night all round.. leading me just nicely to the end of my 7th week and now into my 8th.

DAY 50 is here!!!!! whooohoooo!!!! :) Doesn't seem like 50 days at all, feels like its only been about 2 or 3 weeks.. is time going faster now or something? month 2 i have hardly really considered the days passing, its been the weeks.. not like month 1 at all where you count each day leading up to 28 of them... things get so much better in month 2.. so heres to this week coming up.. and at the end of it will be my 3rd month .. in 1 weeks time :) wow!!!!!!!!

I sat and wrote a little tiny story of what led me back to smoking last christmas too, so stuck it in the tips forum: Just to show anyone who thinks 1 might be ok, just how easy it can be to slip back into the addiction again.

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Hi Jase :D

Congratulations on 50 days smoke free and a great milestone to reach

Glad also that the film was a goodun this week


Marg xxxxxxx


hey jase -

thats a great milestone - thanks for all your help so far - its been a massive support.

so was the international any good? i wasnt sure whether to watch it or not based on the reviews?

congratulations again


The international was an excellent film bman, well worth watching. Its very much a huge conspiracy type film depicting how arms deals are being done to the 3rd world and how anyone who trys to expose the trade suddenly disappears.... the story was solid enough, and it was filmed well. I enjoyed it, so did my OH.. so yeah.. one to add to your list fella!


Congratulations Jase! Wow! 50 days is great! :D

You have been a great example of determination on this site. I enjoyed your story of Gollum. Don't we all go through similar things?



Well done Jase,

As already said, you are inspiration and a great motivator to a lot of us on this forum. Keep up the good work.



what can i say, in agreement with everyone else

you doing good & times flying so you must be having fun:D


:D Congratulations on reaching 50 days Jase that is fantastic...well done!!


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