FFS Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Well I am so annoyed with myself, went out last night and got totally drunk, going through the photo's from last night and what do I see :mad:


Check out my hand :(, I now slightly remember this and well and truly peeved. I am not craving any today, does this put me back at day one? Arrrghhhhh, I have a half marathon in two weeks too, just to make things harder on my lungs I do something as stupid as this:rolleyes:

Hope you're all well?

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  • Hi Hadenough

    So you went out got drunk and had a fag :(

    Do not beat yourself up about it it happened I can well imagine how peeved you feel with yourself but you are not craving one today so it was just a blip and I don't think that relegates you to day one just carry on with your quit and good luck with your race

    But be more wary when next you go out for a drink you may not get away with it next time



  • Thanks Marg, I can't believe I Have been so stupid, the thing is I have been out drinking since stopping and not had any trouble, but then I guess it's because we were standing outside the pub rather than sitting in. I haven't really struggled giving up but I envisage summer may be my hard time as you spend more time outside having a drink. Thankfully I have been that sick today that a ciggie has been the last thing on my mind hehe

  • I definitely don't think you go back to day 1..... twas just an oops :) and you still sound determined.... Anyway... you can barely remember having the smoke..... so in a way it's like it never happened :D Just don't get cocky and think you can get away with it whenever cause next time it may just put you back on day 1..... Good luck!

  • Hi Hadenough

    Sorry you feel poorly guess it's a hangover there is no reson not to have a drink but just be maore cautious about how much you drink and then you won't do as you did last night



  • Thanks guys, yep hangover totally myself to blame :o. You know yesterday morning I went one a ten mile run and I ran passed someone smoking and I had a lung full of his smoke, I actually thought eughhh you dirty sod give it up, serves me right for being so smug lol. I shall not be drinking for a few weeks now, so give me chance to reign myself back in before it turns into a thing, thank you for your help :)

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