One month and counting

Hi All

Well that’s me over the month mark on the good old CT:D. The actual physical effects are well and truly gone; come to think of it they never really came except for a sore throat which seems to be back again. I’ve been finding it hard to keep the cravings at bay over the last couple of days. It’s mainly just bad mood swings and wanting to shut myself away from everyone as my fuse is so short, any advice would be great.


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  • For me the best response to mood swings was exercise and although notas effective good mood food such as bananas or chocolate.

  • I’m going to the gym 3 days a week and I feel a lot better for it, I haven’t tried the good mood food though. I best go shopping.


  • Hi Rich :D

    One whole month quit thats great well done you

    Please don't shut yourself away it won't really help and may make you brood which would not be good if you explain to those closest to you why you are moody at the moment feel sure they will understand and I promise the moods will pass fairly quickly

    Try a good book or a puzzle book anything that will occupy your mind and/or hands will also help



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