4 months tomorrow

having been on here for a few days,,..and the good news is,tomorrow i will be 4 months or 112 days smoke free,how good is that,,and i feel so goodddddd:D and as the days go by,it gets better and better..people have remarked how clear my skin is latley,,wow,that makes me feel extray good,,so every body on here take note,i have done the impossibil and stoped smoking,,i was strong ,,,i keeped the faith,,,and most of all you lot on here,,cant say enough for what help i got when i first came on this fourm,,,so once again,,HUGS ALL ROUND:D ,,so you all keep the faith tony keep:D:D

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  • well done

    well done life is good:)Jimbo

  • Hi Tony

    Well done you 4 whole months thats wonderful in fact it's awesome a huge big hug on it's way just for you :D :D


    Lots of love


    Ps be joing you soon

  • Fantastic Tony :) 4 months wow! You are an inspiration hun.

    Huge well done!!



  • thank you all again for your support tony lol keep :D:D:D

  • Great, great job, Tony!!! And thanks for being out there supporting us! :D:D

  • Well done, Tony! You are doing terrific! Keep smiling:D

  • Well done Tony for achieving 4 months and for the support you give on here.

    Keep the Faith:)

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