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Into month 4

Month 3 completed, and the first day of month 4 today..........Waheeeeeeeeey!

Feels like a significant milestone, a quarter of a year. The internal program of the daily smoking routine has gone completely, as have nearly all the thoughts about smoking. It just shows that if you stop feeding the smoking habit you adjust to a new way of life, a non-smoking way of life.

Keep going new quitters, you will be at the 3 month stage (and beyond) sooner than it seems possible at the moment! :)

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I'm delighted, Lostie, thanks.


Just popped into the forum to say very well done for the transition into Month 4 :)

Although I only joined the forum earlier this month I have been following /lurking since November last year and your posts are amongst many which have helped me to prepare and take my first quitting steps. Its great that 4 months in you are still a such a big contributor which is invaluable for those early on in their quits.

Enjoy month 4 of non smoking

Donna :)


Thank you for your kind words, Nonny.


Massive well done Biggrin, a quarter of a year is definitely a significant milestone and should be celebrated. It shows how far you've come on your non smoking journey when you start to count in months rather than days (or hours) at the beginning - as you said your non smoking life becomes the norm and all the associations are broken.

So get in there and party and get Greg under control!!!



Oh massive well done Biggrin!!

4 months is fab, and it's great that you're well used to being a non-smoker now, you must be so proud of yourself :cool:

Gemma :)


Thanks Karen, I've got a couple of prime wild Atlantic salmon here - see what Greg makes of them!

Gemma, I do feel proud! Thanks.



Cometh the month 4, cometh the Grin!

Whilst wandering along this empty dusty road to Quitville I bumped into a top man that offered friendship, advice and a helping hand. His name was Biggrin. He was a wise soul from the Shire :)

How could I not want to walk alongside him?

With teeth like that lighting the road.....there was only on way we were going .... how could we ever get lost? ..... answer: We can't! :D

Absolutely chuffed for you starting month 4 mucker.

We're over here in the corner....Mols has got the drinks in....just halves as we're trying to pace ourselves.

Yours was a Tia Maria and lucozade wasn't it?

You are always calm, helpful and supportive, I would like to thank you for that and I'm honoured to walk with you the rest of the way to the Penthouse.....if you'll let me of course. :D




Very well done Biggrin. You are a real asset to this forum.


Thanks guys, and Nifty - your post is a bit overwhelming! thanks mate. :D



Congratulations Biggrin - month 4 is fantastic. It won't be long before I'll see you in the Penthouse - I'm sure you'll make it:)


Well Done - looking forward to getting there

This is my first post I decided to quit on Thursday, and like many on here I have been a serial quitter.

But today I am celebrating that despite a 30 a day habit over more than 30 years I know I will never ever smoke another cigarette.

I am so confident because I worked through a website called by a guy called Peter and I really recommend it. It's absolutely free with absolutely no strings other than you sign contract with yourself, never to smoke again.

You have to take it seriously and follow the recommendations in the site to the letter - but it really has worked for me.

Although I haven't had a cigarette I have used a few spays of Nicorette Quick Mist, but I am being careful about how much of that I use - as even at this early stage I feel like I am beginning to transfer my addiction from nicotine in cigarettes to nicotine in a spray. But even that is a million times better than smoking.

So I have two aims for quitters day in March

1. to mark this as a 3 month milestone in fulfilling my commitment to never smoke again.

2. to start to quit NRT's to free myself from Nicotine as well (not that this is nearly as important as the first).

This is only my third day and you might think I am being over optimistic but I am not.

Well done for going for the four months so far and the best of luck to everyone who is making 2013 their lucky year to kick the habit.


Yay Biggrin, huge well done to you fella! You are such an asset to this forum, you're always ready with top advice.

I owe you my thanks for the advice you gave to me when I struggled. I'm just so pleased for you and proud of you chuck :D

Also, at least Greg can calm down now, he's been wittering on about you getting here!

Now we are waiting for Kazzitee, only 17 days to go :)

Again, well done matey, I knew you'd get this far, just as I know you'll get to the penthouse too, and beyond, to the rest of your life x

Molly x


Nonico - looking forward to seeing you in the PH, although it will be a little while yet

sbuk - good luck with your quit

Molly - lovely post, thank you.



very well done on making this milestone; it feels like a very different battle now, doesnt it?



It sure does, Gally, and well done yourself! :)


Well done Biggrin!!!!! Your totally smashing it dude :D Keep up the epic work!!

Lucy xx


Molly - lovely post, thank you.

Errrrrrrrrr....apart from the wittering bit!!! Pffft! :p


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